Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Night Terrors
Always sleep with one eye open in the Fields of the Dead

Day 22-24 (Travel 4-6)

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • None

Kriv sees Lux, Gunn, and Zell’s forms flicker in existence and is immediately suspicious. The trio are suddenly strangely cheerful and are wearing odd red hats and carrying new magical objects. They do their best to convince Kriv that they are real, saying they had been whisked away on an adventure by Santa Clause and were now back. Lux manages to vouch for Gunn and Zell. Gunn offers Kriv some Egg Nog as proof of where they had been. Kriv takes a sip and is disgusted by it, but grudgingly trusts that they are who they say they are.

The adventurers decide to hold a funeral for their fallen guard Sulesdeg the Pole. Gunn says some moving words and Lux sets the funeral pyre ablaze with magical fire. Meanwhile, Kriv convinces Tirigan to go pay his respects at the funeral while he keeps watch over Tirigan’s wagon. Kriv enlists Zell’s help to break in to the lock box under the wagon’s seat. He succeeds with difficulty but there is not much time before everyone returns from the funeral. They find several bags that jingle and a folded letter. Kriv quickly reads the letter, then replaces it and Zell locks the chest again. Tirigan returns to the wagon none the wiser, as far as Kriv can tell.

In the middle of the night, Zell has another horrible nightmare. This time he dreams of viciously killing members of the caravan. He wakes up the next morning shaken and tells Kriv about it. Kriv asks Lux and Gunn about their experience and knowledge of dreams. He suspects it could be some magic or a magical being causing the nightmares. Lux asks the Sweetbellies if they have had nightmares but none of them report anything out of the ordinary. Gunn asks his guards. Some of them report nightmares about the fight with the ghouls, but nothing really stands out.

Lux gives the Halfling children the toys she had gotten from Santa’s toy machine and tries to talk the oldest girl into giving her the necklace she suspects the girl has stolen. The girl cries and Lux drops the subject, for now.

Kriv has decided to keep a close eye on Zell for the next night and ends up sensing a fiendish presence on top of Zell’s sleeping form. Zell does end up having another nightmare, dreaming of killing Orvustia Esseren, one of the hired guards, over and over again. Eventually the dream takes hold of Zell and becomes real. Zell stands up and draws his dagger then heads toward where Orvustia is sleeping. Kriv sees this and follows Zell, tackling him to the ground when Zell tries to stab Orvustia. Zell wakes up and doesn’t know what’s going on. Kriv senses that the fiend has moved away and wakes up Lux and Gunn. Lux does a search for the presence of magic in the area and makes note of a few spots that glowed in caravan wagons. Her search also points to magic in the direction of the fiend. The adventurers all run in the direction the fiendish presence was last seen and find a beautiful woman lying naked on the ground.

The woman spouts lies about who she is and how she got there that no one really believes until Kriv runs out of patience and threatens the woman’s life. The woman gives a screech and transforms into an ugly hag. The adventurers immediately attack, but before they can kill the hag she disappears. No one can find any trace of where the hag went and the adventurers hurry back to check on the caravan camp. Everything appears peaceful and normal.

Zell drinks away the night and falls asleep in the morning. He has no nightmares this time. Kriv and Lux remain on edge and Gunn doubles the amount of guards on watch and increases patrolling.


Christmas Spirit

This is a placeholder for now.

A Ghastly night
A furious fight

Day 22 (Travel 4)

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • Not-cursed ancient coins

The PCs and hired guards prepare to defend the caravan from the approaching shambling shapes. Tirigan keeps the caravan moving forward, hoping to escape notice from the enemies.

Lux turns into a tiger and mauls the nearest attacking figure.

Gunn blasts away at the enemies with blinding light, recognizing the attackers as Ghouls.

Kriv duels with the attackers and holds up under severe injuries.

Zell runs from hilltop to hilltop to get the best shots at the elusive leader of the attackers. He identifies the leader as a Ghast and after many arrows, manages to shoot him down.

The Ghouls are about to take tasty bites out of Kriv when their Ghastly leader is killed. Released from its hold on their minds, the Ghouls lose interest in the fight and go after easier prey – their fallen comrades.

The PCs are able to quickly finish the fight and loot their quarry. They find some old coins and are immediately suspicious that the coins are cursed. Checking them with magic, the coins appear to be normal but the PCs are still wary.

The hired guards managed to finish off the other Ghouls in the fight, but at a loss. Sulesdeg the Pole was killed in battle.


Mystery and Undead and Ale and Nightmares
Session: The Twentieth!

Day 20-22 (Travel 2-4)

  • Ended at 6pm IGT


  • Promises of payment
  • 62? SP (Gunn)

Lux wakes up in the morning and finds her tiger-tooth necklace has disappeared. She questions Bubbleshine, but ends up suspecting the 8-year-old daughter of the halfling family that hired her, known as the Sweetbellies. She makes an effort to get to know the girl and commissions Abishag, one of the guards, to whittle toys for four of the halfling children.

Zell eats ale-infused food and does a lot of drinking with his employer, Beyd. He notices the Halfling mother’s delicious cooking and buys a meal off them. He also buys some food at a farm the caravan visits for supplies.

Kriv also notices the good halfling food and buys a meal from them. He likes it so much that he seeks out a farm and buys extra food to give to the Sweetbellies so that he can continue to support them and eat their cooking. The halfling children are a little fearful of his presence, but are slowly seeming to accept it.

Gunn continues to build a rapport among the guards and wins a lot in gambling with them. He buys them a round of ale from Beyd and is becoming popular and respected among the company.

The caravan enters The Fields of the Dead and everyone is on edge. No fires are lit at night and Tirigan sets a hurried pace, with infrequent stops. Zell has a night of terrible nightmares about corruption and the urge to destroy beautiful things. He wakes up shaken. Kriv senses a residual evil from the night and asks everyone in the caravan if they are okay. Zell tells him about the nightmares, but Kriv keeps his premonitions to himself.

Lux notices Orvustia, a human guard, pick something up from the road. She investigates the object, a black, leathery-like bag stitched together in patches. She knows that it is a magical item of Necromancy and demands it destroyed. Orvustia refuses to back down and Gunn and Kriv hear the argument and join in. Gunn orders the guard to let Lux have the item, and she reluctantly complies. They decide not to open the bag, and Lux heads to the back of the caravan to bury it in the ground. The Druid looks up and notices a vague humanoid shape shambling in the distance. She hurries back and tells Gunn and Kriv, who then alerts Tirigan. Tirigan gives Gunn permission to lead a defense. Gunn signals the guards to fall back to the rear of the caravan. Zell notices and goes with them.

Kriv senses the location of the shambling shapes and identifies them as Undead. The adventurers prepare to face whatever is coming.


Get On With It
Session: The Nineteenth!

Day 18-19 (Travel 1)

  • Ended at 10pm IGT


  • Promises of payment

The adventurers watch Foxtraveller in the afternoon of the day the shipment is scheduled to arrive. A line of porters deliver a large shipment of crates to the outfitter’s. They are accompanied by a “merchant” in blue robes and six guards. Kriv and Lux recognize the merchant as a cultist. Not much is said. Foxtraveller pays the merchant a good-sized pouch and the merchant leaves with his guards and the porters. The crates get put in the back room, where the contents are carefully counted.

In the evening, the party sees a merchant wearing nondescript green clothes and accompanied by six guards enter Foxtraveller’s yard. The adventurers notice the five headed dragon sigil in green on the merchant’s clothes and figure out that he is with the dragon cult. By listening to the “merchant” and Foxtraveller, they discover that he is Tirigan, the leader of the caravan taking the cultist crates North.

Tirigan purchases five wagons and hires two of Foxtraveller’s thugs. he is angry and says he needs more guards but Foxtraveller refuses to give him more, telling him to hire his own.
Foxtraveller asks about the rumors of trouble the blue cultists have been having with some local heroes.

The stories say there is a giant clad in bronze armor who threw a giant spear and slew a blue dragon. His lover is a fierce werewolf with eyes that glow blue and eats kobolds for breakfast. The Shadow also accompanies them, an entity of darkness that kills you before you see it coming. They say the trio destroyed the blue dragon cultist’s camp, the giant crushing Cyanwrath with his bare hands and the werewolf devoured Mondath whole. Then the Giant and his mate set out on a crusade to the Well of Dragons to kill them all, while the Shadow disappeared and has not been heard of. Until it kills you and it’s too late.

Tirigan scoffs at the stories and says he doesn’t know anything about them. The Blue cultists were always incompetent. That’s why it’s the Green’s job to accompany the treasure on the dangerous journey ahead. Ghost stories for children will not interfere with Rezmir’s orders.

Kriv and Gunn follow Tirigan to a tavern where he is drinking and looking for more guards to hire. They easily impress him and Gunn is hired as the commander of the guards while Kriv is hired as Tirigan’s personal bodyguard.

Lux and Zell observe people gathering in Foxtraveller’s yard. They are attracted by the prospect of travelling in a larger caravan and make plans to travel with the cultist “merchants” the following morning. Zell manages to get hired as a guard for an ale merchant and Lux is hired to guard a poor hafling refugee family.

The Green Woodsman purchased Lux and Kriv’s horses from the stable, along with two more horses for Gunn and Zell. He gives them to the adventurers and makes plans to keep in touch.

The next morning the caravan leaves Baldur’s Gate and heads out on the Trade Way heading North. Gunn loses some money gambling with the other guards, and begins to build trust with them. Kriv chats with Tirigan and finds out that he keeps a lockbox under his wagon seat. Zell enjoys the company and free drinks of his employer. Lux enjoys the Halfling family’s delicious home-cooked meals and gets harassed by Bubbleshine Glimmerwater, a Gnome jewellery merchant with a habit of telling tragic love stories. Bubbleshine likes Lux’s tiger-tooth necklace and pesters her to buy it.

The caravan makes camp for the night and sets up a watch.


A Giant Owl Appears!
Session: The Eighteenth!

Day 14-18

  • Ended at 5pm IGT


  • None

The Green Woodsman approaches Zell and says he can help him with his troubles with the Dragon Cultists. He offers him a place to hide and possible heal and says he could use someone with his skills.
A giant owl approaches Kriv, Lux, and Gunn while they are spying on Foxtraveller. Lux and Gunn follow the Owl to The Green Woodsman’ outfitter. The Green Woodsman and his owl companion Verdant appeal to Lux’s Druidic nature and she agrees to join his faction, the Emerald Enclave.
The Green Woodsman runs an outfitting shop outside the North Gate in competition with the Foxtraveller. He suspects Foxtraveller, but has not figured it out yet. He wants to put together a team to follow the next caravan and see where the goods are going. He does not know what the cargo is.
He has been keeping an eye on Foxtraveller. Has been competitor for years, but lately Foxtraveller’s business has increased suspiciously. He’s noticed an increase in security also.

Kriv finds a distraught brass Dragonborn man. He is searching for his lost lover, the orc that Kriv met the day before. He is also drunk, but does not mistake Kriv for his lover. He is merely inconsolably sad and tries to sell his armor for a drink. Kriv convinces him to remember who he is and return to the tavern where he had last seen his lover and reconcile with him.

Zell, Lux, Gunn, and Kriv all meet together with the Green Woodsman and reluctantly agree to work with each other to follow the Cultists’ cargo. They make a camp outside the city for the rest of the week and spy on Foxtraveller as they wait for the shipment of treasure to arrive.


Amour And Assassins
Session: The Seventeenth!

Day 12-14

  • Ended at 3am IGT


  • Two more rather sizable rubies (Zell)

Kriv, Gunn, and Lux find a place to camp for the night in the wilderness on the mountain outside Baldur’s Gate. In the morning, they continue their journey around the city. The trio enter a poor, urban area outside the city walls in the afternoon. While walking through the squalid streets, Kriv is approached by a very drunk male half-orc. The half-orc had mistaken Kriv for his lover, and it was difficult for Kriv to convince him otherwise. Eventually Kriv is able to tell the half-orc to return to the tavern where he had had a fight with and last seen his true love, and wait for his love to find him there. The adventurers make it to the other side of the slums without further incident and continue through the wilderness toward the North Gate. They reach the town outside the gate at night and decide to spy on Foxtraveller’s outfitter shop. Kriv and Gunn stay back while Lux changes into a cat to get closer and investigate.

Zell goes to sleep in his room at The Lonely Jester in Baldur’s Gate. The next day, he meets with the shady figure who hired him for the contract. The shady figure questions Zell on what he knows and gets frustrated at the lack of information. The shady figure pays Zell another rather sizable ruby and leaves. Zell spends the day at the inn and sleeps in his room for the night. In the middle of the night, he is attacked in his bed by a black-cloaked figure. He manages to kill the assassin and discovers that she is carrying a rather sizable ruby that matches the two that had been paid to him by the shady figure who he was reporting to. The assassin also carried a note on her for Zell’s death with the five-headed dragon sigil at the bottom. Zell was badly wounded in the fight and leaves the inn, finding an alley to rest and care for his wounds in for the rest of the night.


Everyone is Wanted!
Session: The Sixteenth!

Day 12

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • A rather sizable ruby (Zell)

Kriv, Lux, and Gunn supervise the last treasure shipment to Foxtraveller’s shop, which goes smoothly. Gunn recommends an inn located just inside the North Gate of the city called The Howling Spider, and the adventurers spend the night there.

In the morning, Gunn and Lux eat breakfast while Kriv grabs a drink and heads to a blacksmith. He buys an armor maintenance kit and then heads back to the inn. The three adventurers head up to Kriv and Gunn’s room to plan their next move in privacy. As they finish up, music can be heard coming from downstairs. They go to investigate, and find an epic bard-off between the bard that Gunn had spoken to the previous day, and Ferris, a familiar face to Kriv and Lux. Lux and Gunn stay at the back to watch the show, while Kriv starts to push his way through the very crowded room to reach Ferris. A few steps in, Kriv is snared by the enthralling spell woven by the battling bards and he stops to enjoy the show.

Ferris is declared the winner and the bardic spell is broken. Kriv shoves the audience aside to reach the stage and confront Ferris, creating a bar fight in his wake. Lux tries to get ahead of Kriv, but is slowed by the crowd. Kriv intimidates Ferris and grabs him, dragging him back through the bar fight toward Gunn and the stairs to his room. Lux catches up with Kriv and takes a punch in the face from a member of the crowd. A chair flies past Gunn’s head as he waits at the back. Kriv and Lux reach Gunn and Kriv hands Ferris off to Lux, then turns and starts carrying people out of the inn and away from the fight. Lux and Gunn take Ferris up to their room. Three members of the city guard enter the inn and break up the fight, arresting anyone who resists. Kriv stands aside until they leave, then heads upstairs to join his companions.

The adventurers demand Ferris tell them where the treasure is that he had taken from the cultist cart. Ferris says he has hidden it in his room at an inn called The Lonely Jester and Kriv demands that he take him there. Lux and Gunn wait for their return.

A shady figure approaches Zell, an Elvish spy, sitting at his table in The Lonely Jester. The figure hands him a contract to track Kriv and Lux and report on their movements every two days at the Lonely Jester. The contract contains a threat if Zell does not follow through. Zell is uncertain, but is then offered a rather sizable ruby as an advance and takes the job. The figure leaves and Zell contemplates his contract for a while, then goes outside for a walk.

Kriv and Ferris arrive at The Lonely Jester and Ferris hands over a pouch containing 500 GP, which he says is all that he took from the cart. Kriv punches him as payback for being charmed, then leaves the inn. As Kriv heads out, Zell returns and recognizes Kriv from his contract’s description. Zell follows Kriv back to The Howling Spider and waits across the street. A city guard on patrol tells Zell to stop loitering twice, forcing Zell to find a new hiding spot. He enters an alley between two houses and tries to scale the wall but is not successful and falls down, making a slight noise.

Kriv returns to his room and the three adventurers make plans to return the missing treasure to Foxtraveler, paying the inkeepers for six more nights in advance before leaving the inn. Lux hears the noise of Zell’s fall and is suspicious, scanning the area for anyone out of place. She sees Zell’s hooded figure and alerts the rest of the party. They walk a little while, then duck into an alley to change their appearances. Zell patiently waits out of view from the entrance to the alley. Tired of waiting, Gunn disguises himself as a porter and heads toward the dockyard alone. Kriv and Lux also disguise themselves as porters and head toward the docks a few minutes later. Zell does not recognize the disguised adventurers, but finds the alley empty and decides to follow the newly-disguised Kriv and Kux.

Lux once again catches sight of Zell and they flank him and ask why he is following them. Zell tries to run and Luz ensnares him with vines. Kriv searches Zell and finds his thieves’ tools, then threatens to call the city guard on him. Zell realizes they have seen through his lies that he was not following them, and tells them the truth, showing them his contract. Lux and Kriv realize that it is the Dragon Cultists who have hired Zell and they debate what to do, finally deciding to tie Zell up and alert a guard. Kriv speaks to a City Guard, who commands Kriv to bring him to Zell. Lux goes on ahead to the dockyard. Kriv and Zell accuse each other, and the guard is unsure who is right. He decides to take them both in and let the law decide who is right. Kriv does not want to waste the time and drops his charges. The guard sets Zell free and leaves. Kriv heads to the dockyard and Zell returns to the Lonely Jester to further contemplate his situation.

On his way to the docks, Gunn is stabbed in the back. He retaliates and puts his attacker to sleep. He searches her and discovers she is wearing the tabard of the city guard and has a wanted poster with Gunn’s merchant disguise pictured on it. Gunn changes his appearance into a blue dragonborn, wakes his attacker up, and berates her for attacking an innocent porter, then leaves her in the street. He changes his disguise again into a female porter and continues to the docks. Gunn meets Lux and then Kriv as they arrive at the dockyard. They discuss strategy and decide to leave the city through the South Gate and travel over the mountain to the North side of the city, deeming it too dangerous to remain in the city until the next shipment of treasure comes in. Gunn tries to drop off the missing treasure to a porter to be delivered to Foxtraveller but the porter runs away. He then tries to drop it off with the dockmaster, who also refuses. Gunn drops the bag of treasure at the dockmaster’s feet and the three adventurers leave the city through the South Gate.


The Time Kriv Stood Guard
Session: The Fifteenth

Day 10-12

  • Ended at 12am IGT


  • None

The boat arrives at the port in Balder’s Gate. While the ship captain is busy taking care of what he needs to, Kriv supervises the unloading of the treasure from the ship into the holding yard. Kriv stands guard while Gunn and Lux inquire about moving the cargo within the city, selling the cart and mules, and moving the horses around the city. Kriv continues to stand guard while Lux meets with a horse-moving company called The Happy Pony and Gunn meets with a cargo-moving company to hire porters. While Lux heads back, a kid attempts to pick her pocket but she grabs his hand and throws him away, empty-handed.

Under the guise of moving expensive alchohol, Gunn supervises the first trip through the city. A competition between two bards temporarily halts him but he uses magic to scare or put to sleep enough people that everyone goes away. Gunn makes it to the transportation company mentioned in the wagon letter. While there, he checks in with Foxtraveller, who inform him that they will be checking the goods very carefully, and he drops some hints about the porters being unreliable. He also sees the Hell Hound a bunch of people have mentioned, but doesn’t know what it is.


Some New Guy
Session: The Fourteenth

Day 8-10

  • Ended at 9pm IGT


  • None

Kriv orders a drink too stiff for him in order to fight his nerves about meeting a large group of new people. Then, he and Lux head upstairs to the large room at the end of the second-floor hallway in the A Pair of Black Antlers. The meeting starts with Ontharr Frume and Leosin Erlanthar explaining that they are a part of The Order of the Gauntlet and The Harpers, respectfully. Both factions are currently attempting to thwart whatever the The Dragon Cult is planning to do.

Kriv and Lux report on what they discovered at Cultist’s Camp, which a previously-silent figure by the name of Vincent Gunn laughs off, saying he already suspected what was reported. A heated debate ensues before being quelled by the reminder of what’s at stake. By this point, Kriv has finished his drink and has to excuse himself to go throw up. While he is gone, other important details are discussed. Upon Kriv’s return, he and Lux are offered membership in either the Order of the Gauntlet or the Harpers. Kriv joins the Order of the Gauntlet, while Lux declines. Afterwards, the Adventurers are tasked with transporting the cultist’s portion of the treasure to Balder’s Gate under the guise of being the cultists in order to discover what the cultists plan on doing with the treasure. At this point, the meeting is adjourned and everyone goes to sleep.

The next morning, the Adventurers board the ship that has been acquired by parties unknown and sail down the Chionthar River to Baldur’s Gate. The first day is uneventful and the boat docks at a familiar location, exchanging supplies while there. The next day contains a bit more excitement in the form of an Ogre who has blocked the river’s course underneath a bridge and demands toll in exchange for letting them through. When they attack, he uses a corpse as bait to summon a bunch of crocodiles. All are slain, although Gunn sustains a fair number of bites during the battle. The boat arrives within eyesight of Baldur’s Gate.



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