Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A Game of Meta

Session: The Third!

Day 2

  • Ended at 7am IGT


  • GP
  • Flour

Lux has been observing the siege, but not getting involved. She has a dream of the end of the world and five pairs of eyes staring at her and filling her with dread. She wakes up and notices the nearby mill appears to be on fire. Moving closer she realizes it is not actually on fire, and uses the reeds by the river for cover to sneak by and warn her friend, Escobert the Red.

Varis is playing his ocarina on the wall while Kriv is sleeping. Wilster Tumblebelly starts shouting about a fire and runs to tell Escobert the mill is burning. Kriv wakes up and Varis helps him don his armor quickly. Escobert emphasizes the importance of the mill and the possible supply of flour they could use for food. He gives Kriv a map of Greenest. Varis and Kriv volunteer to go check it out. They take the tunnel to avoid detection and use the river and reeds for cover.

Lux sees Kriv in the reeds and stands up to greet him in peace. Nearby guards see her and attack the group. Most enemies are killed, but one escapes and runs into the mill. Varis follows and makes a big entrance, met by another group of Kobolds, a blue-hooded figure, and guards. The adventurers win the fight just as ten guards show up, sent by Escobert to help secure the mill. Everyone carries back sacks of flour to the Keep. Escobert is pleased. The Halfling boy hugs Kriv’s legs.



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