Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A Ghastly night

A furious fight

Day 22 (Travel 4)

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • Not-cursed ancient coins

The PCs and hired guards prepare to defend the caravan from the approaching shambling shapes. Tirigan keeps the caravan moving forward, hoping to escape notice from the enemies.

Lux turns into a tiger and mauls the nearest attacking figure.

Gunn blasts away at the enemies with blinding light, recognizing the attackers as Ghouls.

Kriv duels with the attackers and holds up under severe injuries.

Zell runs from hilltop to hilltop to get the best shots at the elusive leader of the attackers. He identifies the leader as a Ghast and after many arrows, manages to shoot him down.

The Ghouls are about to take tasty bites out of Kriv when their Ghastly leader is killed. Released from its hold on their minds, the Ghouls lose interest in the fight and go after easier prey – their fallen comrades.

The PCs are able to quickly finish the fight and loot their quarry. They find some old coins and are immediately suspicious that the coins are cursed. Checking them with magic, the coins appear to be normal but the PCs are still wary.

The hired guards managed to finish off the other Ghouls in the fight, but at a loss. Sulesdeg the Pole was killed in battle.



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