Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Aggressive Negotiations

Session: The Ninth!

Day 4

  • Ended at 12am IGT


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Varis, devastated by his loss, is inconsolable and will not respond to anything but a mug of ale and his friend Yoress. Lahalis holds a funeral in the morning for Jodeller and the other halfling killed in the fight at the ambush site. Varis, Kriv, and Lux attend to pay their respects, then Varis returns to drowning his sorrows.

Escobert Implores the adventurers to return to the camp and once again try to rescue the prisoners. Kriv and Lux agree to go, and decide to set out with the rescued Halflings, who are headed East to return to their devastated village. Lux breaks off from the company first and heads South toward the camp. She encounters a band of surly hunters led by Jopenn and uses her druidic influence to convince them to let her join them in their journey to the camp with fresh meat. Kriv breaks off from the Halfling group a little later and encounters a company of squabbling Kobolds returning from a recent raid. Kriv uses his military experience and the Kobold’s tendency to worship dragonborn to settle the squabble and take charge of the company, marching them back to the camp.

Lux and the hunters arrive at the camp first and go to the storage tent, where they unload their meat supplies. Jopenn talks to a cultist and then divides the hunters’ pay, excluding Lux.
Kriv arrives later with his kobolds, who quickly disperse to their stinking huts. He heads to the dining tent looking for a meal. Prisoners are being used as slaves here to do most of the physical labor. Kriv sits down next to some hunters with a bowl of stew and makes friends with them. They introduce themselves as Sly Fox and Bear-Killer and complain about the cultists hunting the area dry.
Lux enters the dining tent, is handed a bowl of stew by a prisoner, sits at a different table to avoid contact with Kriv and the hunters. Kirv joins her under the guise of flirtation, and they exit the tent together, to the encouraging whistles and cat-calls of Sly Fox and Bear-killer.

Kriv and Lux tour the camp, ending up at the sparring area where Langderosa Cyanwrath, the half-blue dragon who had dueled Kriv, was training some recruits. Kriv confronts Cyanwrath, while Lux becomes a favoured sparring partner. Cyanwrath arrests Kriv, taking away his weapons, and bringing him in to the Command Tent. Lux is not allowed to follow them in, and goes back to sparring with eager recruits.

Frulam Mondath, the mysterious Lady in Purple, appears to be in charge and Cyanwrath pleads with her to have Kriv taken prisoner. Kriv nearly manages to convince Mondath to let him go by undermining Cyanwrath. Before she can pass judgement, an authoritative voice from behind the curtain sentences Kriv to be executed at dawn, for entertainment. Cyanwrath takes Kriv to the prisoner enclosure, but before they get to the gate Kriv resists, questioning Cyanwrath’s honour, and then attacking him. Other guards come running, and Cyanwrath angrily stomps away. After a great struggle, the guards manage to knock Kriv out and tie him to a pole inside a prison tent.

Lux pretends to be taking food to the prisoners and tricks the guards, gaining entrance to Kriv’s tent. She notices a bundle of rags in the corner that turns out to be Leosin Erlanthar and gives her the food. Leosin picks the lock on Kirv’s chains and sets him free. She recognizes the Chameleon wand as her own creation, and explains its uses. The adventurers decide to pretend Kriv is still captive and wait until midnight to try and escape. Lux leaves the prisoner compound, and everyone catches what sleep they can.


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