Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Amour And Assassins

Session: The Seventeenth!

Day 12-14

  • Ended at 3am IGT


  • Two more rather sizable rubies (Zell)

Kriv, Gunn, and Lux find a place to camp for the night in the wilderness on the mountain outside Baldur’s Gate. In the morning, they continue their journey around the city. The trio enter a poor, urban area outside the city walls in the afternoon. While walking through the squalid streets, Kriv is approached by a very drunk male half-orc. The half-orc had mistaken Kriv for his lover, and it was difficult for Kriv to convince him otherwise. Eventually Kriv is able to tell the half-orc to return to the tavern where he had had a fight with and last seen his true love, and wait for his love to find him there. The adventurers make it to the other side of the slums without further incident and continue through the wilderness toward the North Gate. They reach the town outside the gate at night and decide to spy on Foxtraveller’s outfitter shop. Kriv and Gunn stay back while Lux changes into a cat to get closer and investigate.

Zell goes to sleep in his room at The Lonely Jester in Baldur’s Gate. The next day, he meets with the shady figure who hired him for the contract. The shady figure questions Zell on what he knows and gets frustrated at the lack of information. The shady figure pays Zell another rather sizable ruby and leaves. Zell spends the day at the inn and sleeps in his room for the night. In the middle of the night, he is attacked in his bed by a black-cloaked figure. He manages to kill the assassin and discovers that she is carrying a rather sizable ruby that matches the two that had been paid to him by the shady figure who he was reporting to. The assassin also carried a note on her for Zell’s death with the five-headed dragon sigil at the bottom. Zell was badly wounded in the fight and leaves the inn, finding an alley to rest and care for his wounds in for the rest of the night.



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