Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Drunken Master

Session: The Fourth!

Day 2

  • Ended at 1pm IGT


A party breaks out at the Keep with flat bread from the flour and a keg of mead gets opened. Varis gets drunk. Lux gets stuck listening to one of Escobert’s long-winded stories. Kriv remains alert to the possibility of attack. Escobert has Wilster Tumblebelly tell Varis about the night he was put in jail. He was running through the streets raving about Dragons and the end of the world and it took four guards to subdue him in order to keep the peace.

A loud crashing is heard coming from a small overlooked sally-port. The Adventurers and Escobert rush to the wall and see a large group of enemies with a battering ram. They also notice the purple-robed figure and another large figure standing on a far rooftop observing the fight. Escobert advises the Adventurers to try and take some prisoners to interrogate later.

A large battle ensues. Varis is drunk for half of it but still manages to be a sharpshooter. Lux causes vines to grow up and make the enemies’ day difficult, while also poisoning them in the face. Kriv grabs a pot of oil and pours it on a guard’s head from the roof, then Varis sets it on fire, creating a fiery pool of death for a while. The invaders retreat and the Adventurers pursue and manage to take two captives. Escobert orders the broken door to be barricaded with scraps of wood and enemy corpses. The Adventurers loot the bodies and find another wand.



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