Hoard of the Dragon Queen


Session: The Eighth!

Day 3-4

  • Ended at 1am IGT


  • Gp

Finishing a rest atop the cliffs, the adventurers decide to do some scouting. Kriv heads back toward the Keep in search of the four halflings they left behind while fighting the ambush. Varis moves ahead to scout out the entrance of the enemy camp, and Lux Naïlo decides to stay hidden on the clifftop and keep watch on the road.

A little way out from the cliffs, Kriv encounters a heavily-laden wagon accompanied by three humans in typical adventuring gear. Kriv hails the cart and receives a friendly cultist greeting. The driver tells Kriv they are coming from a raid on another nearby town and are returning to the camp with the spoils. Kriv pretends to be a fellow raider and hops on the back of the cart. Near the cliffs, Kriv blasts the group with his acid breath and engages the cultists in combat. The mule pulling the cart is spooked and takes off, dragging the cart and its driver behind it.

Lux notices the incoming cart and manages to drop a boulder on the front of the cart, instantly squashing the driver and upturning the cart, scattering a substantial pile of treasure all over the road. The loud crash echoes between the cliffs. The mule is freed from the cart and takes off in a panicked gallop.

Varis gets as close to the edge of the camp as he can without being seen. He observes no apparent guards, but there is a tower on the left. He sees a cluster of huts, crudely built out of wood and mud. There are crude, gruesome, and vaguely dragon-like drawings on the outside of the huts. Varis heads back to the cliffs to report his findings. He hears a large creature charging toward him and tries to shoot it down. The creature turns out to be a mule and tramples Varis before he manages to take it down.

The three adventurers meet up on the cliffs and share what happened. They still don’t know where the halflings are. Varis sets out to find them this time. Along the way he hears a large group approaching and hides until they pass, then continues to where the adventurers had last left the halflings. They are not there, so Varis heads back toward the cliffs. He comes up behind the large company this time. They are marching in a square formation, and there looks to be about fourty of them. He recognizes some of the creatures as Kobolds, and the rest appear to be humans in armor.

Kriv and Lux hear the company approaching the cliffs, and prepare to push boulders down to block their path. The company stops just before the cliffs, and hails the waiting ambushers, identifying themselves as raiders returning from a nearby town with prisoners. Lux recognizes their four halfling friends among the prisoners. Kriv pretends to be with the cult, and tell the company to go ahead. Lux succeeds in pushing her boulder over the edge, while Kriv’s boulder refuses to move. A large battle ensues. The Kobolds run away at the earliest opportunity. Lux transforms into a wolf and eats anyone who gets too close. Kriv wields his mighty greatsword and halberd, chopping off heads and making shish-kabobs. Varis snipes the enemies in the back from hiding, moving between bushes, remaining undetected until almost the end of the fight.

The adventurers manage to free the prisoners once all their opponents are dead or fled. Varis is devastated to discover that Jodeller, his halfling drinking buddy, was killed by one of the raiders, along with another halfling from the other town. Lux and Kriv each grab a handful of treasure and Varis carries his fallen companion as the entire group returns to the keep for safety and recovery.



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