Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Duels and slapfights

Session: The Sixth!

Day 2-3

  • Ended at 2pm IGT


  • Gp

Lahalis holds a funeral for the dead defenders, committing them to rest in the ample bosom of Yondella. Kriv says a few respectful words, and Varis plays a mournful tune on his ocarina as the bodies are burned. After the funeral, the parents of the halfling family that Kriv and Varis had saved when they entered Greenest were worried and told Kriv they had not seen their son since the party that morning. Kriv searches the keep, but doesn’t find the boy. Varis drinks forlornly with his drinking buddies, then heads up to the wall to look at the enemies’ camp to the south, and catches sight of an approaching group, led by a formidable blue half-dragon.

The half-dragon hails the keep, issuing a challenge to the adventurers. He reveals eight prisoners, including Tumblebelly’s family and the Halfling boy that Kriv had been searching for. He challenges an adventurer to a duel and threatens to kill the prisoners if his challenge is not met. Kriv meets him in battle and loses almost immediately. In an attempt to save his life, Varis tries to shoot the challenger, which is met with the execution of one of the prisoners. After Kriv falls, is brought back to the keep, and revived, a funeral is held for the boy killed during the duel.

Lux receives a message from a raven in the night commanding her to meet a Druid Shaman at a secluded location a few hours away from Greenest. She turns into a rat and leaves the keep without anyone noticing. The meeting turns out to be a gathering of druids from all over the area who are concerned about the Dragon Cult’s increased activity. They are commanded by the Shaman to gather more information and discover what their plans are. Lux heads back to the Keep and rejoins her fellow adventurers the next afternoon.

During the early hours of the morning, Varis scouts the army camp and finds it abandoned, with tracks leading to the south. Varis and Kriv encounter an advanced rearguard. Kriv kills all four kobolds and the human male, while Varis gets into a slap-fight with the Human Female, Bedellett. Kriv heals her, and she turns out to be an army prostitute that the actual rearguard is expecting that evening. She provides them with a bunch of information about the rearguard and the enemy in general. Kriv doesn’t want to let her go free because she might tell about them, so he brings her back to the Keep. She becomes very popular, very quickly.



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