Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Horsing Around

Session: The Thirteenth!

Day 8

  • Ended at 9pm IGT


  • None

Kriv slept in while Lux woke up with the dawn. Lux started off the day by interviewing the bartender and a series of patrons about Ferris, but was unable to discover his current whereabouts. All she was able to find out was that a huge Half-Orc patron named Guy threw him out of the bar for playing his music.

After Lux’s search turned fruitless, she headed out to find a bank to deposit some of her money and a jeweler’s to sell the precious stones that she has. Along the way, a street urchin asked her for money. After giving one of them something, she became an urchin magnet, and eventually had to threaten them in order to get them to leave her alone. After she went into a help center to find out where a bank and a horse training place, she exited to find that her horse has been taken. She looked around and recognised one of the urchins scampering away. Following him to a large mansion, Lux discovered that the children of the town’s magistrate had taken her horse and she recovers it by force.

Kriv awakened and headed downstairs, feeling the effects of his previous night’s activities. After eating a breakfast that included something to help with the headache, he headed to a help center to discover where a bank and a jeweler were located. He made it to the bank relatively unmolested, and after distrusting the bank’s procedures, deposited some money and made his way to the jeweler’s.

Lux finally made it to the bank, where she deposited money and traveled to the same jeweler Kriv is at. Kriv made a decent impact on the jeweler by promising to bring his future gems to this place, which allows him to increase the sale price. As Kriv is leaving, Lux arrived, so Kriv turns that to his advantage and is again able to barter an increase in sale prices. Kriv didn’t recognise the gems, so he asked Lux about it when they left, and was angry when he found out that they were from the cultist’s cart. Kriv went to Otharr‘s place to ask her what they were planning to do with the cart’s treasure while Lux went back to investigating Ferris’ disappearance.


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