Hoard of the Dragon Queen


Session: The Fifth!

Day 2

  • Ended at 4pm IGT


  • None

Characters gain level 2

The Halflings cook what Kriv recognizes as an Ambush Drake into a stew of questionable quality, causing Lux to make a trip to the chamber pot. The Adventurers ask Lahalis about the Wands they have looted. Kriv’s wand changes colour to match whatever is touching it. Lahalis mentions a friend, Leosin Erianthar, who might know more about the wand. Varis reads the Thieve’s Cant written on the second wand and discovers that it is a Wand of Secrets. Varis makes friends with two Halfling Drinking Buddies, then heads down to the dungeon to avoid Escobert’s infamous long-winded stories. Escobert asks Kriv and Lux to interrogate the captives because Wilster Tumblebelly was ineffective, then heads down to the dungeon to regale Varis with one of his tales. Kriv and Lux get pliers and a hot poker from the Blacksmith, then join the others in the dungeon. Escobert leaves the dungeon and the Adventurers each take on a prisoner to interrogate.

Lux takes the Kobold and is immediately offered treasure, friendship, and information in exchange for no injuries. Lux has the Kobold show her on a map where the enemy camp is, and where a cave filled with treasure is located. He mentions that the Purple Dragon Lady made him attack, and will hurt him if he fails.

Kriv takes the female humanoid cultist. She is stubborn and spits a lot, but when Kriv pulls off her fingernails, she starts ranting about the Queen of Dragons raining down doom on them all in the form of fire, lightning, acid, poison, and cold, and that she will receive a reward for her work in bringing it about. Kriv persuades her to confirm the location of the cave and camp mentioned by the Kobold. The Cultist passes out, and Kriv heals her fingers.

Varis takes the male humanoid mercenary. The Merc offers to cooperate for a price, and Varis plunges his dagger into the prisoner’s knee. The prisoner insists he was just a blade for hire and doesn’t know very much, other than he was ordered to raid the town, and the location of the camp. He claims to have no knowledge of a cave filled with treasure. Varis leaves and returns with a bucket of water and plunges the Merc’s head into the water, then pulls him up. The Merc continues to claim he doesn’t know anything else. Varis plunges the prisoner’s head into the water a few more times until the Merc shouts out a seemingly random location for the cave. Varis cuts the Merc’s throat, and leaves the dungeon to wash off the blood, then heads up to the wall and plays his ocarina. Kriv attempts to heal the Merc, but it is too late, and he is dead.

Kriv and Lux report back to Escobert, relaying the events of the interrogation. Escobert is unhappy that one of the prisoners was killed, but grateful for the information. Kriv and Lux go up to the wall and look out to spot the enemy camp. They see it, but cannot determine the size of the camp. Varis also sees the camp. The Adventurers head down from the wall and are talking when the Blue Dragon flies overhead and attacks the Halfling defenders on the wall with his devastating Acid Breath. Kriv has the idea to attempt to build a Ballista to shoot the dragon, and he and Escobert head to the guard room to search for materials to build one. Lux attempts to cast Faerie Fire, but the Dragon dodges, and she also heads down to help search for Ballista parts. Varis remains in the courtyard and tries to shoot fireballs at the dragon each time it passes by to attack. He misses most, but a few shots manage to hit and singe the Dragon.

Eventually, enough parts are found and Kriv manages to build a makeshift Ballista. Lux runs to the Blacksmith for sharpened rods to use as ammunition and loads the Ballista. Varis aims the Ballista, and Kriv fires it. The first shot misses, but the second shot hits the Blue Dragon’s wing and the Dragon decides he’s had enough and flies away.

The Halflings are relieved that the Dragon is gone, but they are saddened by the loss of 31 soldiers. Lahalis has a lot of work healing the injured and preparing the dead for burial. Varis is relieved that his two Halfling Drinking Buddies are not among the dead.



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