Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Mystery and Undead and Ale and Nightmares

Session: The Twentieth!

Day 20-22 (Travel 2-4)

  • Ended at 6pm IGT


  • Promises of payment
  • 62? SP (Gunn)

Lux wakes up in the morning and finds her tiger-tooth necklace has disappeared. She questions Bubbleshine, but ends up suspecting the 8-year-old daughter of the halfling family that hired her, known as the Sweetbellies. She makes an effort to get to know the girl and commissions Abishag, one of the guards, to whittle toys for four of the halfling children.

Zell eats ale-infused food and does a lot of drinking with his employer, Beyd. He notices the Halfling mother’s delicious cooking and buys a meal off them. He also buys some food at a farm the caravan visits for supplies.

Kriv also notices the good halfling food and buys a meal from them. He likes it so much that he seeks out a farm and buys extra food to give to the Sweetbellies so that he can continue to support them and eat their cooking. The halfling children are a little fearful of his presence, but are slowly seeming to accept it.

Gunn continues to build a rapport among the guards and wins a lot in gambling with them. He buys them a round of ale from Beyd and is becoming popular and respected among the company.

The caravan enters The Fields of the Dead and everyone is on edge. No fires are lit at night and Tirigan sets a hurried pace, with infrequent stops. Zell has a night of terrible nightmares about corruption and the urge to destroy beautiful things. He wakes up shaken. Kriv senses a residual evil from the night and asks everyone in the caravan if they are okay. Zell tells him about the nightmares, but Kriv keeps his premonitions to himself.

Lux notices Orvustia, a human guard, pick something up from the road. She investigates the object, a black, leathery-like bag stitched together in patches. She knows that it is a magical item of Necromancy and demands it destroyed. Orvustia refuses to back down and Gunn and Kriv hear the argument and join in. Gunn orders the guard to let Lux have the item, and she reluctantly complies. They decide not to open the bag, and Lux heads to the back of the caravan to bury it in the ground. The Druid looks up and notices a vague humanoid shape shambling in the distance. She hurries back and tells Gunn and Kriv, who then alerts Tirigan. Tirigan gives Gunn permission to lead a defense. Gunn signals the guards to fall back to the rear of the caravan. Zell notices and goes with them.

Kriv senses the location of the shambling shapes and identifies them as Undead. The adventurers prepare to face whatever is coming.



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