Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Rats, I HATE Rats!

Session: The Second!

Day 1

  • Ended at 6pm IGT


Kriv and Varis enter the tunnel. The tunnel is small, damp, and filled with cobwebs. A small trickle of water flows down the middle of the floor. Near the exit, the Adventurers encounter a swarm of rats. After a close call, they scare the rats away, and Varis picks the lock to open the door.

Exiting the tunnel, they surprise a patrol and kill them. Another patrol hears the commotion and comes over to investigate, and the Adventurers also take them out. They gather up the bodies and hide and loot them, finding a wand. Kriv and Varis head back to the keep to rest and eat. Escobert sends some guards to watch the tunnel.



shee_lacox shee_lacox

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