Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A Giant Owl Appears!

Session: The Eighteenth!

Day 14-18

  • Ended at 5pm IGT


  • None

The Green Woodsman approaches Zell and says he can help him with his troubles with the Dragon Cultists. He offers him a place to hide and possible heal and says he could use someone with his skills.
A giant owl approaches Kriv, Lux, and Gunn while they are spying on Foxtraveller. Lux and Gunn follow the Owl to The Green Woodsman’ outfitter. The Green Woodsman and his owl companion Verdant appeal to Lux’s Druidic nature and she agrees to join his faction, the Emerald Enclave.
The Green Woodsman runs an outfitting shop outside the North Gate in competition with the Foxtraveller. He suspects Foxtraveller, but has not figured it out yet. He wants to put together a team to follow the next caravan and see where the goods are going. He does not know what the cargo is.
He has been keeping an eye on Foxtraveller. Has been competitor for years, but lately Foxtraveller’s business has increased suspiciously. He’s noticed an increase in security also.

Kriv finds a distraught brass Dragonborn man. He is searching for his lost lover, the orc that Kriv met the day before. He is also drunk, but does not mistake Kriv for his lover. He is merely inconsolably sad and tries to sell his armor for a drink. Kriv convinces him to remember who he is and return to the tavern where he had last seen his lover and reconcile with him.

Zell, Lux, Gunn, and Kriv all meet together with the Green Woodsman and reluctantly agree to work with each other to follow the Cultists’ cargo. They make a camp outside the city for the rest of the week and spy on Foxtraveller as they wait for the shipment of treasure to arrive.



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