Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Hungry, hungry wolves

Session: The Tenth!

Day 5

  • Ended at 3pm IGT


  • None

Characters Gain Level 3

After resting in the Cultist’s camp, Lux changes into a squirrel and sneaks into the tent where Kriv is being held prisoner. Leosin tries to eat Lux, but Kriv stops her. Kriv asks Lux to go find his weapons, so she goes back to the training area and finds the weapons shed. On her way back, she is caught by a scaly hand and almost eaten, but she bites the hand and escapes.

Turning back into a human and giving Kriv his weapons back, Lux charms one of the guards and they defeat the others. Then they escape up the edge of the cliff with the rest of the prisoners and return to the halfling stronghold. On their way back to Greenest, they meet some hungry wolves, but Lux, in her dire wolf form, manages to convince them to leave the party of prisoners alone and Kriv throws them some rations to keep them busy.

The halflings celebrate the prisoners’ return, and Kriv and Lux are treated like heroes. The heroes head to the local inn, where they find a bard singing about “the Heroes of Greenest”. Kriv has fun with Bedellett after discovering that she is no longer a prisoner, and is now employed by the innkeeper. Meanwhile, Leosin asks Lux to investigate the camp further. Lux agrees.

The next morning, she wakes Kriv up with a bucket of water. They visit the stables where they find two horses that Leosin left for them, and it is discovered that both Lux and Kriv have a soft spot for animals, or at least, horses. Kriv names his mare Epona, and Lux decides to name hers later when she knows more about him.

They decide to go back to the camp on foot, however. Using the Chameleon wand, Lux disguises herself as a kobold and joins a line of kobolds taking meat into the mysterious cave. She finds a dungeon within, exploring some areas (and going a little crazy from visions caused by a purple fungi) before returning to Kriv to report.



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