Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Bards, Rats, and Treasure

Session: The Twelfth!

Day 5-8

  • Ended at 3am IGT


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The adventurers returned to a warm welcome in Greenest. Kriv headed to the blacksmith, Kiturel, to sell his loot and have his armor repaired. Kiturel was very excited to purchase Kriv’s old sword, Claw, and Kriv scratched his name into the hilt before handing it over. Kiturel said he would have Kriv’s armor ready for him by the next morning.

Lux went straight to the inn and ordered a meal. The bard, who had been singing the heroes’ praises, introduced himself as Ferris and tried to talk to Lux. Once Kriv arrived at the inn, the bard revealed that he had received a sealed letter from Leosin, with directions to give it to the adventurers when they returned to town. Lux and Kriv were suspicious and did not trust the bard and his curiosity concerning the heroes’ adventures and future plans. Kriv recognized a reference to the Pair of Black Antlers inn in Eltruel, and the adventurers decided to set out for the city the next morning. Kriv joined Bedellett in her room for the night, while Lux left the inn, and Ferris continued singing until most of the inn’s patrons had gone to bed.

Lux stopped in to Lahalis’ house and showed him the sample she had collected from the hallucinogenic fungus in the cave. Lahalis was happy to experiment with it and created a potion for Lux that would react with a victim’s blood and make them hallucinate for a short time. He told her to pick it up from him in the morning. Lux sought out a place of solitude on the outskirts of town to sleep outside for the night. Another nightmarish vision of coming Doom plagued Lux’s sleep, and she woke up looking sleep-deprived.

After breakfast, Kriv returned to the blacksmith to collect his armor. Kiturel had proudly mounted Kriv’s sword over the doorway with the name “Krivklaw” on a plaque. Lux went to get her potion from Lahalis, then Lux and Kriv went to the stables to saddle up their horses and set out for Eltruel. Ferris followed them to the stables and also “happened” to be heading out at the same time. Lux and Kriv reluctantly agreed that the bard could travel with them. The day’s travel was uneventful, with the adventurers entering a forest at dusk. Seeking fresh water, they encountered a man named Siquil camped on a riverbank. He was thin and twitchy, and offered friendship and roasted squirrels to eat. Ferris read Siquil’s mind and cautioned the adventurers against trusting him. Being suspicious of his offer, they fled the site, making their own camp a distance upriver.

Lux took first watch, but didn’t see the giant rat as it snuck up and bit Ferris’s foot. The adventurers defeated waves of giant rats before their leader, Siquil, showed up. He was a were-rat, but the adventurers dealt with him quickly and decided to move their camp further upstream for the remainder of the night.

The adventurers left the woods in the morning and continued on the road to Eltruel. In sight of the sun-like glowing orb that hovered above the city, they came upon a merchant wagon with a broken wheel. Ferris and Lux stopped to help, and found a note that had fallen out of the merchant’s pocket. They hurried ahead to show the note to Kriv, which contained instructions for the cultists on where they should take their cargo of treasure. Turning back, the adventurers attacked the cultist’s wagon and took it over.

Kriv went ahead of the wagon, leaving Lux and Ferris to drive it the rest of the way to the city. Entering Eltruel, Kriv made his way to the Pair of Black Antlers tavern and searched for Leosin’s contact, Ontharr Frume. The inn was loud and rowdy, and no one knew where Ontharr was. Kriv ordered food and waited until Ontharr arrived. The boisterous, firey-haired paladin turned out to be Escobert’s daughter. Kriv told her of the wagon situation and she brought him to her house, which was also a smithy. Ontharr assured Kriv that her people would take care of it, and to bring the wagon to her house when it reached the city. She told her son, Theobert, to act as a guide for Kriv, and promised to meet him the following evening to discuss the situation further.

Theobert gave Kriv a small tour and took him to a shady caravan shop where Kriv bought a disguise for the wagon. The caravan shop appeared to be waiting for just an order, which led Kriv to believe that was the cultists’ plan. Kriv left town and headed back to meet Lux and Ferris with the wagon. Meanwhile, Lux and Ferris had talked on the way, and a friendship had begun to form between them. Meeting up with Kriv outside the city, the adventurers decided against disguising the wagon (in case the cultists were expecting that) and took it to Ontharr’s house. The place was deserted except for a single drunken guard. The wagon was hidden in a shed, and the adventurers went to the Pair of Black Antlers tavern to find Ontharr. She was not at the rowdy tavern either. They ate a meal, then made arrangements for rooms. Lux paid for hers and went to sleep. Ferris played a song, got thrown out, and then let back in and given a room on the condition he did not sing any more. Kriv joined in the gambling and fighting happening in the tavern until late at night, when he bought a room with his winnings.



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