Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Cliffhanger

Session: The Seventh!

Day 3

  • Ended at 10pm IGT


  • Gp
  • Black guard uniforms

The adventurers recover their strength and make plans to get past the rearguard and into the cultists’ camp. Kriv gets to know Bedellett on an intimate level, and Varis Galanodel spends some quality time with his drinking buddies, and Lux Na├»lo catches up on what she missed. They recruit four Halflings to pose as Kobolds: Varis’ drinking buddies, Wilster Tumblebelly, and the father of the captured Halfling boy. The adventurers plan to masquerade as the returning party of stragglers that Kriv and Varis had defeated, with Lux playing the part of Bedellette.

Arriving in sight of the ambush location, Varis scouts ahead and gets recognized as a part of the ambush party, forcing him to remain with the enemy in hiding. He drops a torch off the side of the cliff and Lux and Kriv see it, but do not know what it means. Lux changes into a squirrel and goes to investigate. She finds Varis and writes her name on the ground, then returns to Kriv and the Halflings. Kriv walks down the road holding a torch as a distraction. Varis sees Kriv and yells to try and give away the ambushers’ positions. One ambusher threatens to slash Varis’ throat unless he keeps quiet. Lux changes into a wolf and tries to sneak up the cliff and fails, distracting the ambusher who is holding Varis. Varis pushes his captor off the edge of the cliff and into Lux’s waiting jaws.

A fight ensues. Varis chases and kills ambushers who ran in the direction of the Cultist camp, giving him a glimpse of the entrance. Lux mauls anyone who gets in her way, then jumps to the cliff on the other side of the road to take care of the enemies who had been shooting at her and Varis. Heads and bodies get tossed onto the road below. Kriv finished off the ambusher that Varis had pushed off the cliff, then climbed the far side to join Lux in defeating the remaining ambushers.

The adventurers looted the bodies and hid them as well as they could. They rested for an hour on top of the cliff.



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