A dramatic entertainer determined to compose an epic ballad on the Heroes of Greenest.


Featured guest player in Bards, Rats, and Treasure.


Always looking for the next greatest story, Ferris travels the land with his fiddle, composing as he goes and usually finds a warm welcome in any tavern he comes across. He was in Greenest when it was attacked by the blue dragon and cultists, and stayed to document the unfolding adventure in an epic song. Leosin Erlanthar entrusted him with a sealed note to give to Lux and Kriv when he next saw them in the inn. Ferris’ curiousity got the better of him, and he carefully opened the note to view its contents, then resealed it. Upon delivery, the bard decided to follow Lux and Kriv, and was reluctantly allowed to travel with them to Eltruel. He was very disappointed when the wagon of treasure they captured was locked up by Onthatt Frume, arguing that they could just spend it. His music was not well-received in the rowdy tavern A Pair of Black Antlers, and he was thrown out for playing his music late at night. The next morning, Lux searched for him, but could not find any leads concerning his whereabouts.


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