Green Woodsman

He wears Green and has an owl.


The Green Woodsman is a beastmaster Ranger with a Giant Owl companion named Verdant. He is an independant agent of the Emerald Enclave who strives to prevent civilization and the wilderness from destroying each other.
He runs an outfitting shop just outside Baldur’s Gate’s North Gate in competition with Foxtraveller.
The Green Woodsman suspects Foxtraveller’s involvement with the cultists, but has not figured it out yet. He wants to put together a team to follow the next caravan and see where the goods are going. He does not know what the cargo is.

Approached the adventurers and offered to help with foiling the Dragon Cultist plans and offered Lux to join his faction, the Emerald Enclave, in A Giant Owl Appears!


Green Woodsman

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