Leosin Erlanthar

Leader of the Harpers faction


A Monk with questionably versatile abilities.


Leosin Erlanthar was first mentioned during KILL ALL THE NPC’S!!! by Lahalis as a person who may be able to identify the Wand of Camouflage, assuming she’s alive.
Lux discovered Leosin being held captive in the same tent as Kriv in Aggressive Negotiations. She explained the nature of the wand of camoflage, claiming she created it and named it the chameleon wand. Leosin helped the adventurers escape the cultist’s camp and traveled with them to the keep in Greenest where she had a joyful reunion with lahalis.
Leosin asked Lux and Kriv to return to the cultist’s camp and report any activity, as well as explore the guarded cave. She procured horses for them and told them to meet her in Eltruel to report on their findings.
Lux and Kriv met Lahalis in Eltruel and discovered that she was the leader of the Harpers faction in Some New Guy. She commissioned Gunn to accompany Lux and Kriv to further investigate the cultists’ treasure trail.

Leosin Erlanthar

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