Ontharr Frume

AKA The Hammer, Paladin of Torm and a boisterous and respected leader.


Flame-haired paladin, daughter of Escobert the Red. First appears in Bards, Rats, and Treasure.


A paladin who lives above her own smithy, her symbol is a gauntlet holding a hammer. She has a son named Theobert, but has not mentioned his father. She has set up a headquarters at A Pair of Black Antlers tavern in Eltruel, and is well-known and well-respected throughout the city, despite her rowdy ways. She is a strong fighter, and likes a good challenge. Her followers are extremely loyal, and most trust her with their lives, following her orders without question. She is the contact that Leosin sent Kriv and Lux to meet in Eltruel.

Ontharr Frume

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