Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Amour And Assassins
Session: The Seventeenth!

Day 12-14

  • Ended at 3am IGT


  • Two more rather sizable rubies (Zell)

Kriv, Gunn, and Lux find a place to camp for the night in the wilderness on the mountain outside Baldur’s Gate. In the morning, they continue their journey around the city. The trio enter a poor, urban area outside the city walls in the afternoon. While walking through the squalid streets, Kriv is approached by a very drunk male half-orc. The half-orc had mistaken Kriv for his lover, and it was difficult for Kriv to convince him otherwise. Eventually Kriv is able to tell the half-orc to return to the tavern where he had had a fight with and last seen his true love, and wait for his love to find him there. The adventurers make it to the other side of the slums without further incident and continue through the wilderness toward the North Gate. They reach the town outside the gate at night and decide to spy on Foxtraveller’s outfitter shop. Kriv and Gunn stay back while Lux changes into a cat to get closer and investigate.

Zell goes to sleep in his room at The Lonely Jester in Baldur’s Gate. The next day, he meets with the shady figure who hired him for the contract. The shady figure questions Zell on what he knows and gets frustrated at the lack of information. The shady figure pays Zell another rather sizable ruby and leaves. Zell spends the day at the inn and sleeps in his room for the night. In the middle of the night, he is attacked in his bed by a black-cloaked figure. He manages to kill the assassin and discovers that she is carrying a rather sizable ruby that matches the two that had been paid to him by the shady figure who he was reporting to. The assassin also carried a note on her for Zell’s death with the five-headed dragon sigil at the bottom. Zell was badly wounded in the fight and leaves the inn, finding an alley to rest and care for his wounds in for the rest of the night.


Everyone is Wanted!
Session: The Sixteenth!

Day 12

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • A rather sizable ruby (Zell)

Kriv, Lux, and Gunn supervise the last treasure shipment to Foxtraveller’s shop, which goes smoothly. Gunn recommends an inn located just inside the North Gate of the city called The Howling Spider, and the adventurers spend the night there.

In the morning, Gunn and Lux eat breakfast while Kriv grabs a drink and heads to a blacksmith. He buys an armor maintenance kit and then heads back to the inn. The three adventurers head up to Kriv and Gunn’s room to plan their next move in privacy. As they finish up, music can be heard coming from downstairs. They go to investigate, and find an epic bard-off between the bard that Gunn had spoken to the previous day, and Ferris, a familiar face to Kriv and Lux. Lux and Gunn stay at the back to watch the show, while Kriv starts to push his way through the very crowded room to reach Ferris. A few steps in, Kriv is snared by the enthralling spell woven by the battling bards and he stops to enjoy the show.

Ferris is declared the winner and the bardic spell is broken. Kriv shoves the audience aside to reach the stage and confront Ferris, creating a bar fight in his wake. Lux tries to get ahead of Kriv, but is slowed by the crowd. Kriv intimidates Ferris and grabs him, dragging him back through the bar fight toward Gunn and the stairs to his room. Lux catches up with Kriv and takes a punch in the face from a member of the crowd. A chair flies past Gunn’s head as he waits at the back. Kriv and Lux reach Gunn and Kriv hands Ferris off to Lux, then turns and starts carrying people out of the inn and away from the fight. Lux and Gunn take Ferris up to their room. Three members of the city guard enter the inn and break up the fight, arresting anyone who resists. Kriv stands aside until they leave, then heads upstairs to join his companions.

The adventurers demand Ferris tell them where the treasure is that he had taken from the cultist cart. Ferris says he has hidden it in his room at an inn called The Lonely Jester and Kriv demands that he take him there. Lux and Gunn wait for their return.

A shady figure approaches Zell, an Elvish spy, sitting at his table in The Lonely Jester. The figure hands him a contract to track Kriv and Lux and report on their movements every two days at the Lonely Jester. The contract contains a threat if Zell does not follow through. Zell is uncertain, but is then offered a rather sizable ruby as an advance and takes the job. The figure leaves and Zell contemplates his contract for a while, then goes outside for a walk.

Kriv and Ferris arrive at The Lonely Jester and Ferris hands over a pouch containing 500 GP, which he says is all that he took from the cart. Kriv punches him as payback for being charmed, then leaves the inn. As Kriv heads out, Zell returns and recognizes Kriv from his contract’s description. Zell follows Kriv back to The Howling Spider and waits across the street. A city guard on patrol tells Zell to stop loitering twice, forcing Zell to find a new hiding spot. He enters an alley between two houses and tries to scale the wall but is not successful and falls down, making a slight noise.

Kriv returns to his room and the three adventurers make plans to return the missing treasure to Foxtraveler, paying the inkeepers for six more nights in advance before leaving the inn. Lux hears the noise of Zell’s fall and is suspicious, scanning the area for anyone out of place. She sees Zell’s hooded figure and alerts the rest of the party. They walk a little while, then duck into an alley to change their appearances. Zell patiently waits out of view from the entrance to the alley. Tired of waiting, Gunn disguises himself as a porter and heads toward the dockyard alone. Kriv and Lux also disguise themselves as porters and head toward the docks a few minutes later. Zell does not recognize the disguised adventurers, but finds the alley empty and decides to follow the newly-disguised Kriv and Kux.

Lux once again catches sight of Zell and they flank him and ask why he is following them. Zell tries to run and Luz ensnares him with vines. Kriv searches Zell and finds his thieves’ tools, then threatens to call the city guard on him. Zell realizes they have seen through his lies that he was not following them, and tells them the truth, showing them his contract. Lux and Kriv realize that it is the Dragon Cultists who have hired Zell and they debate what to do, finally deciding to tie Zell up and alert a guard. Kriv speaks to a City Guard, who commands Kriv to bring him to Zell. Lux goes on ahead to the dockyard. Kriv and Zell accuse each other, and the guard is unsure who is right. He decides to take them both in and let the law decide who is right. Kriv does not want to waste the time and drops his charges. The guard sets Zell free and leaves. Kriv heads to the dockyard and Zell returns to the Lonely Jester to further contemplate his situation.

On his way to the docks, Gunn is stabbed in the back. He retaliates and puts his attacker to sleep. He searches her and discovers she is wearing the tabard of the city guard and has a wanted poster with Gunn’s merchant disguise pictured on it. Gunn changes his appearance into a blue dragonborn, wakes his attacker up, and berates her for attacking an innocent porter, then leaves her in the street. He changes his disguise again into a female porter and continues to the docks. Gunn meets Lux and then Kriv as they arrive at the dockyard. They discuss strategy and decide to leave the city through the South Gate and travel over the mountain to the North side of the city, deeming it too dangerous to remain in the city until the next shipment of treasure comes in. Gunn tries to drop off the missing treasure to a porter to be delivered to Foxtraveller but the porter runs away. He then tries to drop it off with the dockmaster, who also refuses. Gunn drops the bag of treasure at the dockmaster’s feet and the three adventurers leave the city through the South Gate.


The Time Kriv Stood Guard
Session: The Fifteenth

Day 10-12

  • Ended at 12am IGT


  • None

The boat arrives at the port in Balder’s Gate. While the ship captain is busy taking care of what he needs to, Kriv supervises the unloading of the treasure from the ship into the holding yard. Kriv stands guard while Gunn and Lux inquire about moving the cargo within the city, selling the cart and mules, and moving the horses around the city. Kriv continues to stand guard while Lux meets with a horse-moving company called The Happy Pony and Gunn meets with a cargo-moving company to hire porters. While Lux heads back, a kid attempts to pick her pocket but she grabs his hand and throws him away, empty-handed.

Under the guise of moving expensive alchohol, Gunn supervises the first trip through the city. A competition between two bards temporarily halts him but he uses magic to scare or put to sleep enough people that everyone goes away. Gunn makes it to the transportation company mentioned in the wagon letter. While there, he checks in with Foxtraveller, who inform him that they will be checking the goods very carefully, and he drops some hints about the porters being unreliable. He also sees the Hell Hound a bunch of people have mentioned, but doesn’t know what it is.


Some New Guy
Session: The Fourteenth

Day 8-10

  • Ended at 9pm IGT


  • None

Kriv orders a drink too stiff for him in order to fight his nerves about meeting a large group of new people. Then, he and Lux head upstairs to the large room at the end of the second-floor hallway in the A Pair of Black Antlers. The meeting starts with Ontharr Frume and Leosin Erlanthar explaining that they are a part of The Order of the Gauntlet and The Harpers, respectfully. Both factions are currently attempting to thwart whatever the The Dragon Cult is planning to do.

Kriv and Lux report on what they discovered at Cultist’s Camp, which a previously-silent figure by the name of Vincent Gunn laughs off, saying he already suspected what was reported. A heated debate ensues before being quelled by the reminder of what’s at stake. By this point, Kriv has finished his drink and has to excuse himself to go throw up. While he is gone, other important details are discussed. Upon Kriv’s return, he and Lux are offered membership in either the Order of the Gauntlet or the Harpers. Kriv joins the Order of the Gauntlet, while Lux declines. Afterwards, the Adventurers are tasked with transporting the cultist’s portion of the treasure to Balder’s Gate under the guise of being the cultists in order to discover what the cultists plan on doing with the treasure. At this point, the meeting is adjourned and everyone goes to sleep.

The next morning, the Adventurers board the ship that has been acquired by parties unknown and sail down the Chionthar River to Baldur’s Gate. The first day is uneventful and the boat docks at a familiar location, exchanging supplies while there. The next day contains a bit more excitement in the form of an Ogre who has blocked the river’s course underneath a bridge and demands toll in exchange for letting them through. When they attack, he uses a corpse as bait to summon a bunch of crocodiles. All are slain, although Gunn sustains a fair number of bites during the battle. The boat arrives within eyesight of Baldur’s Gate.


Bards, Rats, and Treasure
Session: The Twelfth!

Day 5-8

  • Ended at 3am IGT


  • Gp

The adventurers returned to a warm welcome in Greenest. Kriv headed to the blacksmith, Kiturel, to sell his loot and have his armor repaired. Kiturel was very excited to purchase Kriv’s old sword, Claw, and Kriv scratched his name into the hilt before handing it over. Kiturel said he would have Kriv’s armor ready for him by the next morning.

Lux went straight to the inn and ordered a meal. The bard, who had been singing the heroes’ praises, introduced himself as Ferris and tried to talk to Lux. Once Kriv arrived at the inn, the bard revealed that he had received a sealed letter from Leosin, with directions to give it to the adventurers when they returned to town. Lux and Kriv were suspicious and did not trust the bard and his curiosity concerning the heroes’ adventures and future plans. Kriv recognized a reference to the Pair of Black Antlers inn in Eltruel, and the adventurers decided to set out for the city the next morning. Kriv joined Bedellett in her room for the night, while Lux left the inn, and Ferris continued singing until most of the inn’s patrons had gone to bed.

Lux stopped in to Lahalis’ house and showed him the sample she had collected from the hallucinogenic fungus in the cave. Lahalis was happy to experiment with it and created a potion for Lux that would react with a victim’s blood and make them hallucinate for a short time. He told her to pick it up from him in the morning. Lux sought out a place of solitude on the outskirts of town to sleep outside for the night. Another nightmarish vision of coming Doom plagued Lux’s sleep, and she woke up looking sleep-deprived.

After breakfast, Kriv returned to the blacksmith to collect his armor. Kiturel had proudly mounted Kriv’s sword over the doorway with the name “Krivklaw” on a plaque. Lux went to get her potion from Lahalis, then Lux and Kriv went to the stables to saddle up their horses and set out for Eltruel. Ferris followed them to the stables and also “happened” to be heading out at the same time. Lux and Kriv reluctantly agreed that the bard could travel with them. The day’s travel was uneventful, with the adventurers entering a forest at dusk. Seeking fresh water, they encountered a man named Siquil camped on a riverbank. He was thin and twitchy, and offered friendship and roasted squirrels to eat. Ferris read Siquil’s mind and cautioned the adventurers against trusting him. Being suspicious of his offer, they fled the site, making their own camp a distance upriver.

Lux took first watch, but didn’t see the giant rat as it snuck up and bit Ferris’s foot. The adventurers defeated waves of giant rats before their leader, Siquil, showed up. He was a were-rat, but the adventurers dealt with him quickly and decided to move their camp further upstream for the remainder of the night.

The adventurers left the woods in the morning and continued on the road to Eltruel. In sight of the sun-like glowing orb that hovered above the city, they came upon a merchant wagon with a broken wheel. Ferris and Lux stopped to help, and found a note that had fallen out of the merchant’s pocket. They hurried ahead to show the note to Kriv, which contained instructions for the cultists on where they should take their cargo of treasure. Turning back, the adventurers attacked the cultist’s wagon and took it over.

Kriv went ahead of the wagon, leaving Lux and Ferris to drive it the rest of the way to the city. Entering Eltruel, Kriv made his way to the Pair of Black Antlers tavern and searched for Leosin’s contact, Ontharr Frume. The inn was loud and rowdy, and no one knew where Ontharr was. Kriv ordered food and waited until Ontharr arrived. The boisterous, firey-haired paladin turned out to be Escobert’s daughter. Kriv told her of the wagon situation and she brought him to her house, which was also a smithy. Ontharr assured Kriv that her people would take care of it, and to bring the wagon to her house when it reached the city. She told her son, Theobert, to act as a guide for Kriv, and promised to meet him the following evening to discuss the situation further.

Theobert gave Kriv a small tour and took him to a shady caravan shop where Kriv bought a disguise for the wagon. The caravan shop appeared to be waiting for just an order, which led Kriv to believe that was the cultists’ plan. Kriv left town and headed back to meet Lux and Ferris with the wagon. Meanwhile, Lux and Ferris had talked on the way, and a friendship had begun to form between them. Meeting up with Kriv outside the city, the adventurers decided against disguising the wagon (in case the cultists were expecting that) and took it to Ontharr’s house. The place was deserted except for a single drunken guard. The wagon was hidden in a shed, and the adventurers went to the Pair of Black Antlers tavern to find Ontharr. She was not at the rowdy tavern either. They ate a meal, then made arrangements for rooms. Lux paid for hers and went to sleep. Ferris played a song, got thrown out, and then let back in and given a room on the condition he did not sing any more. Kriv joined in the gambling and fighting happening in the tavern until late at night, when he bought a room with his winnings.


Horsing Around
Session: The Thirteenth!

Day 8

  • Ended at 9pm IGT


  • None

Kriv slept in while Lux woke up with the dawn. Lux started off the day by interviewing the bartender and a series of patrons about Ferris, but was unable to discover his current whereabouts. All she was able to find out was that a huge Half-Orc patron named Guy threw him out of the bar for playing his music.

After Lux’s search turned fruitless, she headed out to find a bank to deposit some of her money and a jeweler’s to sell the precious stones that she has. Along the way, a street urchin asked her for money. After giving one of them something, she became an urchin magnet, and eventually had to threaten them in order to get them to leave her alone. After she went into a help center to find out where a bank and a horse training place, she exited to find that her horse has been taken. She looked around and recognised one of the urchins scampering away. Following him to a large mansion, Lux discovered that the children of the town’s magistrate had taken her horse and she recovers it by force.

Kriv awakened and headed downstairs, feeling the effects of his previous night’s activities. After eating a breakfast that included something to help with the headache, he headed to a help center to discover where a bank and a jeweler were located. He made it to the bank relatively unmolested, and after distrusting the bank’s procedures, deposited some money and made his way to the jeweler’s.

Lux finally made it to the bank, where she deposited money and traveled to the same jeweler Kriv is at. Kriv made a decent impact on the jeweler by promising to bring his future gems to this place, which allows him to increase the sale price. As Kriv is leaving, Lux arrived, so Kriv turns that to his advantage and is again able to barter an increase in sale prices. Kriv didn’t recognise the gems, so he asked Lux about it when they left, and was angry when he found out that they were from the cultist’s cart. Kriv went to Otharr‘s place to ask her what they were planning to do with the cart’s treasure while Lux went back to investigating Ferris’ disappearance.

Session: The Eleventh!

Day 5

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • Gp
  • Bag of gems
  • Precious stones
  • Cyanwrath’s sword
  • Mondath’s armor
  • Blue Dragon Carving
  • Pendant

Characters Gain Level 4

Lux reports back to Kriv, and they plan their assault on the cave. Lux and Kriv use the wand to turn themselves into a kobold and a different dragonborn. They enter the cave, where there are no more kobolds or guards. Lux notices hidden guards and alerts Kriv, who attempts to lie to get past. When that fails, they kill both those guards and the guards that show up later on.

Lux and Kriv head to the areas that Lux had not initially scouted, and start with an area that was a fairly steep drop down. The drop ends in a garbage heap, but Lux notices some precious stones and keeps them. Backtracking through the cave and taking a set of stairs leading downward, Kriv and Lux happen upon a room in which Cyanwrath is worshipping a shrine to a five-headed dragon, with a chest and a pair of guards nearby. Kriv unleashes the full force of his fury, slaying the half-dragon in three swings of his sword, while Lux rips the throats out of the guards. Additional guards are alerted by the sounds of combat. All but one, who tried escaping up a ladder, are slain. Lux and Kriv interrogate the lone guard, who tells them what he knows before Kriv kills him. Kriv crowbars the chest open, which triggers a gas trap.

Lux leads Kriv, who drags the chest, toward more stairs leading down. They end in a room with a gate and kobolds launching projectiles, who are quickly dealt with. Lux uses her fire spell to light up the cave beyond the gate, which reveals a Roper and a pair of Attack Drakes. Kriv uses meat and the bodies of the kobolds to bribe the Roper and the Attack Drakes while he and Lux investigate the dark forms inside the gate. They end up being dragon’s eggs, which Kriv smashes to prevent the dragons inside from being born.

Having learned that Mondath headed up a ladder the guard tried to use to escape, Lux and Kriv sneak up the ladder as best as they can. They emerge in an opulent room where Mondath is sleeping. Kriv hides behind the bed while Lux charms her, but Mondath reflexively casts Hold Person on her. Lux tries to convince Mondath to tell her everything about what they plan, but Mondath gets suspicious, so Kriv attacks her from his place of hiding. Mondath yells in surprise before being quickly brought down. The adventurers use the narrow entryway as a bottleneck and slay the alerted guards, one at a time. They discover some bad dragon poetry alongside plans that point out the Well of Dragons somewhere to the North-East.

Lux and Kriv head back to Greenest, tired but more experienced, with Kriv now wielding Cyanwrath’s sword.


Hungry, hungry wolves
Session: The Tenth!

Day 5

  • Ended at 3pm IGT


  • None

Characters Gain Level 3

After resting in the Cultist’s camp, Lux changes into a squirrel and sneaks into the tent where Kriv is being held prisoner. Leosin tries to eat Lux, but Kriv stops her. Kriv asks Lux to go find his weapons, so she goes back to the training area and finds the weapons shed. On her way back, she is caught by a scaly hand and almost eaten, but she bites the hand and escapes.

Turning back into a human and giving Kriv his weapons back, Lux charms one of the guards and they defeat the others. Then they escape up the edge of the cliff with the rest of the prisoners and return to the halfling stronghold. On their way back to Greenest, they meet some hungry wolves, but Lux, in her dire wolf form, manages to convince them to leave the party of prisoners alone and Kriv throws them some rations to keep them busy.

The halflings celebrate the prisoners’ return, and Kriv and Lux are treated like heroes. The heroes head to the local inn, where they find a bard singing about “the Heroes of Greenest”. Kriv has fun with Bedellett after discovering that she is no longer a prisoner, and is now employed by the innkeeper. Meanwhile, Leosin asks Lux to investigate the camp further. Lux agrees.

The next morning, she wakes Kriv up with a bucket of water. They visit the stables where they find two horses that Leosin left for them, and it is discovered that both Lux and Kriv have a soft spot for animals, or at least, horses. Kriv names his mare Epona, and Lux decides to name hers later when she knows more about him.

They decide to go back to the camp on foot, however. Using the Chameleon wand, Lux disguises herself as a kobold and joins a line of kobolds taking meat into the mysterious cave. She finds a dungeon within, exploring some areas (and going a little crazy from visions caused by a purple fungi) before returning to Kriv to report.


Aggressive Negotiations
Session: The Ninth!

Day 4

  • Ended at 12am IGT


  • None

Varis, devastated by his loss, is inconsolable and will not respond to anything but a mug of ale and his friend Yoress. Lahalis holds a funeral in the morning for Jodeller and the other halfling killed in the fight at the ambush site. Varis, Kriv, and Lux attend to pay their respects, then Varis returns to drowning his sorrows.

Escobert Implores the adventurers to return to the camp and once again try to rescue the prisoners. Kriv and Lux agree to go, and decide to set out with the rescued Halflings, who are headed East to return to their devastated village. Lux breaks off from the company first and heads South toward the camp. She encounters a band of surly hunters led by Jopenn and uses her druidic influence to convince them to let her join them in their journey to the camp with fresh meat. Kriv breaks off from the Halfling group a little later and encounters a company of squabbling Kobolds returning from a recent raid. Kriv uses his military experience and the Kobold’s tendency to worship dragonborn to settle the squabble and take charge of the company, marching them back to the camp.

Lux and the hunters arrive at the camp first and go to the storage tent, where they unload their meat supplies. Jopenn talks to a cultist and then divides the hunters’ pay, excluding Lux.
Kriv arrives later with his kobolds, who quickly disperse to their stinking huts. He heads to the dining tent looking for a meal. Prisoners are being used as slaves here to do most of the physical labor. Kriv sits down next to some hunters with a bowl of stew and makes friends with them. They introduce themselves as Sly Fox and Bear-Killer and complain about the cultists hunting the area dry.
Lux enters the dining tent, is handed a bowl of stew by a prisoner, sits at a different table to avoid contact with Kriv and the hunters. Kirv joins her under the guise of flirtation, and they exit the tent together, to the encouraging whistles and cat-calls of Sly Fox and Bear-killer.

Kriv and Lux tour the camp, ending up at the sparring area where Langderosa Cyanwrath, the half-blue dragon who had dueled Kriv, was training some recruits. Kriv confronts Cyanwrath, while Lux becomes a favoured sparring partner. Cyanwrath arrests Kriv, taking away his weapons, and bringing him in to the Command Tent. Lux is not allowed to follow them in, and goes back to sparring with eager recruits.

Frulam Mondath, the mysterious Lady in Purple, appears to be in charge and Cyanwrath pleads with her to have Kriv taken prisoner. Kriv nearly manages to convince Mondath to let him go by undermining Cyanwrath. Before she can pass judgement, an authoritative voice from behind the curtain sentences Kriv to be executed at dawn, for entertainment. Cyanwrath takes Kriv to the prisoner enclosure, but before they get to the gate Kriv resists, questioning Cyanwrath’s honour, and then attacking him. Other guards come running, and Cyanwrath angrily stomps away. After a great struggle, the guards manage to knock Kriv out and tie him to a pole inside a prison tent.

Lux pretends to be taking food to the prisoners and tricks the guards, gaining entrance to Kriv’s tent. She notices a bundle of rags in the corner that turns out to be Leosin Erlanthar and gives her the food. Leosin picks the lock on Kirv’s chains and sets him free. She recognizes the Chameleon wand as her own creation, and explains its uses. The adventurers decide to pretend Kriv is still captive and wait until midnight to try and escape. Lux leaves the prisoner compound, and everyone catches what sleep they can.

Session: The Eighth!

Day 3-4

  • Ended at 1am IGT


  • Gp

Finishing a rest atop the cliffs, the adventurers decide to do some scouting. Kriv heads back toward the Keep in search of the four halflings they left behind while fighting the ambush. Varis moves ahead to scout out the entrance of the enemy camp, and Lux Naïlo decides to stay hidden on the clifftop and keep watch on the road.

A little way out from the cliffs, Kriv encounters a heavily-laden wagon accompanied by three humans in typical adventuring gear. Kriv hails the cart and receives a friendly cultist greeting. The driver tells Kriv they are coming from a raid on another nearby town and are returning to the camp with the spoils. Kriv pretends to be a fellow raider and hops on the back of the cart. Near the cliffs, Kriv blasts the group with his acid breath and engages the cultists in combat. The mule pulling the cart is spooked and takes off, dragging the cart and its driver behind it.

Lux notices the incoming cart and manages to drop a boulder on the front of the cart, instantly squashing the driver and upturning the cart, scattering a substantial pile of treasure all over the road. The loud crash echoes between the cliffs. The mule is freed from the cart and takes off in a panicked gallop.

Varis gets as close to the edge of the camp as he can without being seen. He observes no apparent guards, but there is a tower on the left. He sees a cluster of huts, crudely built out of wood and mud. There are crude, gruesome, and vaguely dragon-like drawings on the outside of the huts. Varis heads back to the cliffs to report his findings. He hears a large creature charging toward him and tries to shoot it down. The creature turns out to be a mule and tramples Varis before he manages to take it down.

The three adventurers meet up on the cliffs and share what happened. They still don’t know where the halflings are. Varis sets out to find them this time. Along the way he hears a large group approaching and hides until they pass, then continues to where the adventurers had last left the halflings. They are not there, so Varis heads back toward the cliffs. He comes up behind the large company this time. They are marching in a square formation, and there looks to be about fourty of them. He recognizes some of the creatures as Kobolds, and the rest appear to be humans in armor.

Kriv and Lux hear the company approaching the cliffs, and prepare to push boulders down to block their path. The company stops just before the cliffs, and hails the waiting ambushers, identifying themselves as raiders returning from a nearby town with prisoners. Lux recognizes their four halfling friends among the prisoners. Kriv pretends to be with the cult, and tell the company to go ahead. Lux succeeds in pushing her boulder over the edge, while Kriv’s boulder refuses to move. A large battle ensues. The Kobolds run away at the earliest opportunity. Lux transforms into a wolf and eats anyone who gets too close. Kriv wields his mighty greatsword and halberd, chopping off heads and making shish-kabobs. Varis snipes the enemies in the back from hiding, moving between bushes, remaining undetected until almost the end of the fight.

The adventurers manage to free the prisoners once all their opponents are dead or fled. Varis is devastated to discover that Jodeller, his halfling drinking buddy, was killed by one of the raiders, along with another halfling from the other town. Lux and Kriv each grab a handful of treasure and Varis carries his fallen companion as the entire group returns to the keep for safety and recovery.



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