Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A Dragon, And a Dungeon
Session: The First!

Day 1

  • Ended at 3pm IGT


  • None

Kriv had been chasing a Blue Dragon to try and kill it. He stood on a small hill in the early morning and sees the Dragon attacking a burning town. He runs toward the town.

Varis wakes up in a prison cell with no idea how he got there. Escobert the Red finds him and asks him if he can fight. Escobert allows Varis to retrieve his effects and takes him up to the courtyard, where it is chaotic. Varis sees a Blue Dragon fly overhead. A Halfling woman runs through the main gate and asks Escobert to help her save her husband and children. Escobert assigns Varis to help her. Varis follows the woman out of the Keep and into the town.

Kriv encounters a Halfling man and two children running from two Kobolds. Kriv slays the Kobolds and agrees to escort the family to the safety of the Keep, picking up and carrying the two children.

Varis is following the woman when two blue-robed figures pull her into an alley. One holds her and the other begins molesting her. Varis climbs up to the roof and shoots both assailants. The Halfling and the Elf continue to search for her family. They see a large Dragonborn up ahead carrying two Halfling children and a man trailing behind. The woman runs up and greets the man and children as her family. The Halfling boy is in awe of Kriv. On the way back to the keep the group encounters a Dragon-like Creature. Varis and Kriv kill it. Kriv is met with suspicion at the gate, but he announces his military rank and Escobert the Red lets them in.

Escobert meets Kriv and Varis on the wall and shows them the Keep is besieged. They see a Figure in Purple Robes surrounded by guards. Escobert advises against shooting the figure, as he does not want to provoke more attacks. He mentions a secret tunnel in the Keep and asks the Adventurers to find and secure it as a way to enter and leave the Keep for supplies. Varis leads Kriv down to the dungeon. Varis picks the lock on the armory and Kriv finds a hidden chest filled with small gems, a leather cord, and a piece of parchment from a journal. The parchment says that a prisoner discovered a secret tunnel in his cell. The adventurers search the cells and find a secret door in the floor of the cell Varis had been in. The door is Dwarven and Escobert understood how to open it.


Rats, I HATE Rats!
Session: The Second!

Day 1

  • Ended at 6pm IGT


Kriv and Varis enter the tunnel. The tunnel is small, damp, and filled with cobwebs. A small trickle of water flows down the middle of the floor. Near the exit, the Adventurers encounter a swarm of rats. After a close call, they scare the rats away, and Varis picks the lock to open the door.

Exiting the tunnel, they surprise a patrol and kill them. Another patrol hears the commotion and comes over to investigate, and the Adventurers also take them out. They gather up the bodies and hide and loot them, finding a wand. Kriv and Varis head back to the keep to rest and eat. Escobert sends some guards to watch the tunnel.


A Game of Meta
Session: The Third!

Day 2

  • Ended at 7am IGT


  • GP
  • Flour

Lux has been observing the siege, but not getting involved. She has a dream of the end of the world and five pairs of eyes staring at her and filling her with dread. She wakes up and notices the nearby mill appears to be on fire. Moving closer she realizes it is not actually on fire, and uses the reeds by the river for cover to sneak by and warn her friend, Escobert the Red.

Varis is playing his ocarina on the wall while Kriv is sleeping. Wilster Tumblebelly starts shouting about a fire and runs to tell Escobert the mill is burning. Kriv wakes up and Varis helps him don his armor quickly. Escobert emphasizes the importance of the mill and the possible supply of flour they could use for food. He gives Kriv a map of Greenest. Varis and Kriv volunteer to go check it out. They take the tunnel to avoid detection and use the river and reeds for cover.

Lux sees Kriv in the reeds and stands up to greet him in peace. Nearby guards see her and attack the group. Most enemies are killed, but one escapes and runs into the mill. Varis follows and makes a big entrance, met by another group of Kobolds, a blue-hooded figure, and guards. The adventurers win the fight just as ten guards show up, sent by Escobert to help secure the mill. Everyone carries back sacks of flour to the Keep. Escobert is pleased. The Halfling boy hugs Kriv’s legs.


Drunken Master
Session: The Fourth!

Day 2

  • Ended at 1pm IGT


A party breaks out at the Keep with flat bread from the flour and a keg of mead gets opened. Varis gets drunk. Lux gets stuck listening to one of Escobert’s long-winded stories. Kriv remains alert to the possibility of attack. Escobert has Wilster Tumblebelly tell Varis about the night he was put in jail. He was running through the streets raving about Dragons and the end of the world and it took four guards to subdue him in order to keep the peace.

A loud crashing is heard coming from a small overlooked sally-port. The Adventurers and Escobert rush to the wall and see a large group of enemies with a battering ram. They also notice the purple-robed figure and another large figure standing on a far rooftop observing the fight. Escobert advises the Adventurers to try and take some prisoners to interrogate later.

A large battle ensues. Varis is drunk for half of it but still manages to be a sharpshooter. Lux causes vines to grow up and make the enemies’ day difficult, while also poisoning them in the face. Kriv grabs a pot of oil and pours it on a guard’s head from the roof, then Varis sets it on fire, creating a fiery pool of death for a while. The invaders retreat and the Adventurers pursue and manage to take two captives. Escobert orders the broken door to be barricaded with scraps of wood and enemy corpses. The Adventurers loot the bodies and find another wand.


Session: The Fifth!

Day 2

  • Ended at 4pm IGT


  • None

Characters gain level 2

The Halflings cook what Kriv recognizes as an Ambush Drake into a stew of questionable quality, causing Lux to make a trip to the chamber pot. The Adventurers ask Lahalis about the Wands they have looted. Kriv’s wand changes colour to match whatever is touching it. Lahalis mentions a friend, Leosin Erianthar, who might know more about the wand. Varis reads the Thieve’s Cant written on the second wand and discovers that it is a Wand of Secrets. Varis makes friends with two Halfling Drinking Buddies, then heads down to the dungeon to avoid Escobert’s infamous long-winded stories. Escobert asks Kriv and Lux to interrogate the captives because Wilster Tumblebelly was ineffective, then heads down to the dungeon to regale Varis with one of his tales. Kriv and Lux get pliers and a hot poker from the Blacksmith, then join the others in the dungeon. Escobert leaves the dungeon and the Adventurers each take on a prisoner to interrogate.

Lux takes the Kobold and is immediately offered treasure, friendship, and information in exchange for no injuries. Lux has the Kobold show her on a map where the enemy camp is, and where a cave filled with treasure is located. He mentions that the Purple Dragon Lady made him attack, and will hurt him if he fails.

Kriv takes the female humanoid cultist. She is stubborn and spits a lot, but when Kriv pulls off her fingernails, she starts ranting about the Queen of Dragons raining down doom on them all in the form of fire, lightning, acid, poison, and cold, and that she will receive a reward for her work in bringing it about. Kriv persuades her to confirm the location of the cave and camp mentioned by the Kobold. The Cultist passes out, and Kriv heals her fingers.

Varis takes the male humanoid mercenary. The Merc offers to cooperate for a price, and Varis plunges his dagger into the prisoner’s knee. The prisoner insists he was just a blade for hire and doesn’t know very much, other than he was ordered to raid the town, and the location of the camp. He claims to have no knowledge of a cave filled with treasure. Varis leaves and returns with a bucket of water and plunges the Merc’s head into the water, then pulls him up. The Merc continues to claim he doesn’t know anything else. Varis plunges the prisoner’s head into the water a few more times until the Merc shouts out a seemingly random location for the cave. Varis cuts the Merc’s throat, and leaves the dungeon to wash off the blood, then heads up to the wall and plays his ocarina. Kriv attempts to heal the Merc, but it is too late, and he is dead.

Kriv and Lux report back to Escobert, relaying the events of the interrogation. Escobert is unhappy that one of the prisoners was killed, but grateful for the information. Kriv and Lux go up to the wall and look out to spot the enemy camp. They see it, but cannot determine the size of the camp. Varis also sees the camp. The Adventurers head down from the wall and are talking when the Blue Dragon flies overhead and attacks the Halfling defenders on the wall with his devastating Acid Breath. Kriv has the idea to attempt to build a Ballista to shoot the dragon, and he and Escobert head to the guard room to search for materials to build one. Lux attempts to cast Faerie Fire, but the Dragon dodges, and she also heads down to help search for Ballista parts. Varis remains in the courtyard and tries to shoot fireballs at the dragon each time it passes by to attack. He misses most, but a few shots manage to hit and singe the Dragon.

Eventually, enough parts are found and Kriv manages to build a makeshift Ballista. Lux runs to the Blacksmith for sharpened rods to use as ammunition and loads the Ballista. Varis aims the Ballista, and Kriv fires it. The first shot misses, but the second shot hits the Blue Dragon’s wing and the Dragon decides he’s had enough and flies away.

The Halflings are relieved that the Dragon is gone, but they are saddened by the loss of 31 soldiers. Lahalis has a lot of work healing the injured and preparing the dead for burial. Varis is relieved that his two Halfling Drinking Buddies are not among the dead.


Duels and slapfights
Session: The Sixth!

Day 2-3

  • Ended at 2pm IGT


  • Gp

Lahalis holds a funeral for the dead defenders, committing them to rest in the ample bosom of Yondella. Kriv says a few respectful words, and Varis plays a mournful tune on his ocarina as the bodies are burned. After the funeral, the parents of the halfling family that Kriv and Varis had saved when they entered Greenest were worried and told Kriv they had not seen their son since the party that morning. Kriv searches the keep, but doesn’t find the boy. Varis drinks forlornly with his drinking buddies, then heads up to the wall to look at the enemies’ camp to the south, and catches sight of an approaching group, led by a formidable blue half-dragon.

The half-dragon hails the keep, issuing a challenge to the adventurers. He reveals eight prisoners, including Tumblebelly’s family and the Halfling boy that Kriv had been searching for. He challenges an adventurer to a duel and threatens to kill the prisoners if his challenge is not met. Kriv meets him in battle and loses almost immediately. In an attempt to save his life, Varis tries to shoot the challenger, which is met with the execution of one of the prisoners. After Kriv falls, is brought back to the keep, and revived, a funeral is held for the boy killed during the duel.

Lux receives a message from a raven in the night commanding her to meet a Druid Shaman at a secluded location a few hours away from Greenest. She turns into a rat and leaves the keep without anyone noticing. The meeting turns out to be a gathering of druids from all over the area who are concerned about the Dragon Cult’s increased activity. They are commanded by the Shaman to gather more information and discover what their plans are. Lux heads back to the Keep and rejoins her fellow adventurers the next afternoon.

During the early hours of the morning, Varis scouts the army camp and finds it abandoned, with tracks leading to the south. Varis and Kriv encounter an advanced rearguard. Kriv kills all four kobolds and the human male, while Varis gets into a slap-fight with the Human Female, Bedellett. Kriv heals her, and she turns out to be an army prostitute that the actual rearguard is expecting that evening. She provides them with a bunch of information about the rearguard and the enemy in general. Kriv doesn’t want to let her go free because she might tell about them, so he brings her back to the Keep. She becomes very popular, very quickly.


The Cliffhanger
Session: The Seventh!

Day 3

  • Ended at 10pm IGT


  • Gp
  • Black guard uniforms

The adventurers recover their strength and make plans to get past the rearguard and into the cultists’ camp. Kriv gets to know Bedellett on an intimate level, and Varis Galanodel spends some quality time with his drinking buddies, and Lux Naïlo catches up on what she missed. They recruit four Halflings to pose as Kobolds: Varis’ drinking buddies, Wilster Tumblebelly, and the father of the captured Halfling boy. The adventurers plan to masquerade as the returning party of stragglers that Kriv and Varis had defeated, with Lux playing the part of Bedellette.

Arriving in sight of the ambush location, Varis scouts ahead and gets recognized as a part of the ambush party, forcing him to remain with the enemy in hiding. He drops a torch off the side of the cliff and Lux and Kriv see it, but do not know what it means. Lux changes into a squirrel and goes to investigate. She finds Varis and writes her name on the ground, then returns to Kriv and the Halflings. Kriv walks down the road holding a torch as a distraction. Varis sees Kriv and yells to try and give away the ambushers’ positions. One ambusher threatens to slash Varis’ throat unless he keeps quiet. Lux changes into a wolf and tries to sneak up the cliff and fails, distracting the ambusher who is holding Varis. Varis pushes his captor off the edge of the cliff and into Lux’s waiting jaws.

A fight ensues. Varis chases and kills ambushers who ran in the direction of the Cultist camp, giving him a glimpse of the entrance. Lux mauls anyone who gets in her way, then jumps to the cliff on the other side of the road to take care of the enemies who had been shooting at her and Varis. Heads and bodies get tossed onto the road below. Kriv finished off the ambusher that Varis had pushed off the cliff, then climbed the far side to join Lux in defeating the remaining ambushers.

The adventurers looted the bodies and hid them as well as they could. They rested for an hour on top of the cliff.


Session: The Eighth!

Day 3-4

  • Ended at 1am IGT


  • Gp

Finishing a rest atop the cliffs, the adventurers decide to do some scouting. Kriv heads back toward the Keep in search of the four halflings they left behind while fighting the ambush. Varis moves ahead to scout out the entrance of the enemy camp, and Lux Naïlo decides to stay hidden on the clifftop and keep watch on the road.

A little way out from the cliffs, Kriv encounters a heavily-laden wagon accompanied by three humans in typical adventuring gear. Kriv hails the cart and receives a friendly cultist greeting. The driver tells Kriv they are coming from a raid on another nearby town and are returning to the camp with the spoils. Kriv pretends to be a fellow raider and hops on the back of the cart. Near the cliffs, Kriv blasts the group with his acid breath and engages the cultists in combat. The mule pulling the cart is spooked and takes off, dragging the cart and its driver behind it.

Lux notices the incoming cart and manages to drop a boulder on the front of the cart, instantly squashing the driver and upturning the cart, scattering a substantial pile of treasure all over the road. The loud crash echoes between the cliffs. The mule is freed from the cart and takes off in a panicked gallop.

Varis gets as close to the edge of the camp as he can without being seen. He observes no apparent guards, but there is a tower on the left. He sees a cluster of huts, crudely built out of wood and mud. There are crude, gruesome, and vaguely dragon-like drawings on the outside of the huts. Varis heads back to the cliffs to report his findings. He hears a large creature charging toward him and tries to shoot it down. The creature turns out to be a mule and tramples Varis before he manages to take it down.

The three adventurers meet up on the cliffs and share what happened. They still don’t know where the halflings are. Varis sets out to find them this time. Along the way he hears a large group approaching and hides until they pass, then continues to where the adventurers had last left the halflings. They are not there, so Varis heads back toward the cliffs. He comes up behind the large company this time. They are marching in a square formation, and there looks to be about fourty of them. He recognizes some of the creatures as Kobolds, and the rest appear to be humans in armor.

Kriv and Lux hear the company approaching the cliffs, and prepare to push boulders down to block their path. The company stops just before the cliffs, and hails the waiting ambushers, identifying themselves as raiders returning from a nearby town with prisoners. Lux recognizes their four halfling friends among the prisoners. Kriv pretends to be with the cult, and tell the company to go ahead. Lux succeeds in pushing her boulder over the edge, while Kriv’s boulder refuses to move. A large battle ensues. The Kobolds run away at the earliest opportunity. Lux transforms into a wolf and eats anyone who gets too close. Kriv wields his mighty greatsword and halberd, chopping off heads and making shish-kabobs. Varis snipes the enemies in the back from hiding, moving between bushes, remaining undetected until almost the end of the fight.

The adventurers manage to free the prisoners once all their opponents are dead or fled. Varis is devastated to discover that Jodeller, his halfling drinking buddy, was killed by one of the raiders, along with another halfling from the other town. Lux and Kriv each grab a handful of treasure and Varis carries his fallen companion as the entire group returns to the keep for safety and recovery.


Aggressive Negotiations
Session: The Ninth!

Day 4

  • Ended at 12am IGT


  • None

Varis, devastated by his loss, is inconsolable and will not respond to anything but a mug of ale and his friend Yoress. Lahalis holds a funeral in the morning for Jodeller and the other halfling killed in the fight at the ambush site. Varis, Kriv, and Lux attend to pay their respects, then Varis returns to drowning his sorrows.

Escobert Implores the adventurers to return to the camp and once again try to rescue the prisoners. Kriv and Lux agree to go, and decide to set out with the rescued Halflings, who are headed East to return to their devastated village. Lux breaks off from the company first and heads South toward the camp. She encounters a band of surly hunters led by Jopenn and uses her druidic influence to convince them to let her join them in their journey to the camp with fresh meat. Kriv breaks off from the Halfling group a little later and encounters a company of squabbling Kobolds returning from a recent raid. Kriv uses his military experience and the Kobold’s tendency to worship dragonborn to settle the squabble and take charge of the company, marching them back to the camp.

Lux and the hunters arrive at the camp first and go to the storage tent, where they unload their meat supplies. Jopenn talks to a cultist and then divides the hunters’ pay, excluding Lux.
Kriv arrives later with his kobolds, who quickly disperse to their stinking huts. He heads to the dining tent looking for a meal. Prisoners are being used as slaves here to do most of the physical labor. Kriv sits down next to some hunters with a bowl of stew and makes friends with them. They introduce themselves as Sly Fox and Bear-Killer and complain about the cultists hunting the area dry.
Lux enters the dining tent, is handed a bowl of stew by a prisoner, sits at a different table to avoid contact with Kriv and the hunters. Kirv joins her under the guise of flirtation, and they exit the tent together, to the encouraging whistles and cat-calls of Sly Fox and Bear-killer.

Kriv and Lux tour the camp, ending up at the sparring area where Langderosa Cyanwrath, the half-blue dragon who had dueled Kriv, was training some recruits. Kriv confronts Cyanwrath, while Lux becomes a favoured sparring partner. Cyanwrath arrests Kriv, taking away his weapons, and bringing him in to the Command Tent. Lux is not allowed to follow them in, and goes back to sparring with eager recruits.

Frulam Mondath, the mysterious Lady in Purple, appears to be in charge and Cyanwrath pleads with her to have Kriv taken prisoner. Kriv nearly manages to convince Mondath to let him go by undermining Cyanwrath. Before she can pass judgement, an authoritative voice from behind the curtain sentences Kriv to be executed at dawn, for entertainment. Cyanwrath takes Kriv to the prisoner enclosure, but before they get to the gate Kriv resists, questioning Cyanwrath’s honour, and then attacking him. Other guards come running, and Cyanwrath angrily stomps away. After a great struggle, the guards manage to knock Kriv out and tie him to a pole inside a prison tent.

Lux pretends to be taking food to the prisoners and tricks the guards, gaining entrance to Kriv’s tent. She notices a bundle of rags in the corner that turns out to be Leosin Erlanthar and gives her the food. Leosin picks the lock on Kirv’s chains and sets him free. She recognizes the Chameleon wand as her own creation, and explains its uses. The adventurers decide to pretend Kriv is still captive and wait until midnight to try and escape. Lux leaves the prisoner compound, and everyone catches what sleep they can.

Hungry, hungry wolves
Session: The Tenth!

Day 5

  • Ended at 3pm IGT


  • None

Characters Gain Level 3

After resting in the Cultist’s camp, Lux changes into a squirrel and sneaks into the tent where Kriv is being held prisoner. Leosin tries to eat Lux, but Kriv stops her. Kriv asks Lux to go find his weapons, so she goes back to the training area and finds the weapons shed. On her way back, she is caught by a scaly hand and almost eaten, but she bites the hand and escapes.

Turning back into a human and giving Kriv his weapons back, Lux charms one of the guards and they defeat the others. Then they escape up the edge of the cliff with the rest of the prisoners and return to the halfling stronghold. On their way back to Greenest, they meet some hungry wolves, but Lux, in her dire wolf form, manages to convince them to leave the party of prisoners alone and Kriv throws them some rations to keep them busy.

The halflings celebrate the prisoners’ return, and Kriv and Lux are treated like heroes. The heroes head to the local inn, where they find a bard singing about “the Heroes of Greenest”. Kriv has fun with Bedellett after discovering that she is no longer a prisoner, and is now employed by the innkeeper. Meanwhile, Leosin asks Lux to investigate the camp further. Lux agrees.

The next morning, she wakes Kriv up with a bucket of water. They visit the stables where they find two horses that Leosin left for them, and it is discovered that both Lux and Kriv have a soft spot for animals, or at least, horses. Kriv names his mare Epona, and Lux decides to name hers later when she knows more about him.

They decide to go back to the camp on foot, however. Using the Chameleon wand, Lux disguises herself as a kobold and joins a line of kobolds taking meat into the mysterious cave. She finds a dungeon within, exploring some areas (and going a little crazy from visions caused by a purple fungi) before returning to Kriv to report.



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