Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Some New Guy

Session: The Fourteenth

Day 8-10

  • Ended at 9pm IGT


  • None

Kriv orders a drink too stiff for him in order to fight his nerves about meeting a large group of new people. Then, he and Lux head upstairs to the large room at the end of the second-floor hallway in the A Pair of Black Antlers. The meeting starts with Ontharr Frume and Leosin Erlanthar explaining that they are a part of The Order of the Gauntlet and The Harpers, respectfully. Both factions are currently attempting to thwart whatever the The Dragon Cult is planning to do.

Kriv and Lux report on what they discovered at Cultist’s Camp, which a previously-silent figure by the name of Vincent Gunn laughs off, saying he already suspected what was reported. A heated debate ensues before being quelled by the reminder of what’s at stake. By this point, Kriv has finished his drink and has to excuse himself to go throw up. While he is gone, other important details are discussed. Upon Kriv’s return, he and Lux are offered membership in either the Order of the Gauntlet or the Harpers. Kriv joins the Order of the Gauntlet, while Lux declines. Afterwards, the Adventurers are tasked with transporting the cultist’s portion of the treasure to Balder’s Gate under the guise of being the cultists in order to discover what the cultists plan on doing with the treasure. At this point, the meeting is adjourned and everyone goes to sleep.

The next morning, the Adventurers board the ship that has been acquired by parties unknown and sail down the Chionthar River to Baldur’s Gate. The first day is uneventful and the boat docks at a familiar location, exchanging supplies while there. The next day contains a bit more excitement in the form of an Ogre who has blocked the river’s course underneath a bridge and demands toll in exchange for letting them through. When they attack, he uses a corpse as bait to summon a bunch of crocodiles. All are slain, although Gunn sustains a fair number of bites during the battle. The boat arrives within eyesight of Baldur’s Gate.



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