Hoard of the Dragon Queen


Session: The Eleventh!

Day 5

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • Gp
  • Bag of gems
  • Precious stones
  • Cyanwrath’s sword
  • Mondath’s armor
  • Blue Dragon Carving
  • Pendant

Characters Gain Level 4

Lux reports back to Kriv, and they plan their assault on the cave. Lux and Kriv use the wand to turn themselves into a kobold and a different dragonborn. They enter the cave, where there are no more kobolds or guards. Lux notices hidden guards and alerts Kriv, who attempts to lie to get past. When that fails, they kill both those guards and the guards that show up later on.

Lux and Kriv head to the areas that Lux had not initially scouted, and start with an area that was a fairly steep drop down. The drop ends in a garbage heap, but Lux notices some precious stones and keeps them. Backtracking through the cave and taking a set of stairs leading downward, Kriv and Lux happen upon a room in which Cyanwrath is worshipping a shrine to a five-headed dragon, with a chest and a pair of guards nearby. Kriv unleashes the full force of his fury, slaying the half-dragon in three swings of his sword, while Lux rips the throats out of the guards. Additional guards are alerted by the sounds of combat. All but one, who tried escaping up a ladder, are slain. Lux and Kriv interrogate the lone guard, who tells them what he knows before Kriv kills him. Kriv crowbars the chest open, which triggers a gas trap.

Lux leads Kriv, who drags the chest, toward more stairs leading down. They end in a room with a gate and kobolds launching projectiles, who are quickly dealt with. Lux uses her fire spell to light up the cave beyond the gate, which reveals a Roper and a pair of Attack Drakes. Kriv uses meat and the bodies of the kobolds to bribe the Roper and the Attack Drakes while he and Lux investigate the dark forms inside the gate. They end up being dragon’s eggs, which Kriv smashes to prevent the dragons inside from being born.

Having learned that Mondath headed up a ladder the guard tried to use to escape, Lux and Kriv sneak up the ladder as best as they can. They emerge in an opulent room where Mondath is sleeping. Kriv hides behind the bed while Lux charms her, but Mondath reflexively casts Hold Person on her. Lux tries to convince Mondath to tell her everything about what they plan, but Mondath gets suspicious, so Kriv attacks her from his place of hiding. Mondath yells in surprise before being quickly brought down. The adventurers use the narrow entryway as a bottleneck and slay the alerted guards, one at a time. They discover some bad dragon poetry alongside plans that point out the Well of Dragons somewhere to the North-East.

Lux and Kriv head back to Greenest, tired but more experienced, with Kriv now wielding Cyanwrath’s sword.



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