Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Time Kriv Stood Guard

Session: The Fifteenth

Day 10-12

  • Ended at 12am IGT


  • None

The boat arrives at the port in Balder’s Gate. While the ship captain is busy taking care of what he needs to, Kriv supervises the unloading of the treasure from the ship into the holding yard. Kriv stands guard while Gunn and Lux inquire about moving the cargo within the city, selling the cart and mules, and moving the horses around the city. Kriv continues to stand guard while Lux meets with a horse-moving company called The Happy Pony and Gunn meets with a cargo-moving company to hire porters. While Lux heads back, a kid attempts to pick her pocket but she grabs his hand and throws him away, empty-handed.

Under the guise of moving expensive alchohol, Gunn supervises the first trip through the city. A competition between two bards temporarily halts him but he uses magic to scare or put to sleep enough people that everyone goes away. Gunn makes it to the transportation company mentioned in the wagon letter. While there, he checks in with Foxtraveller, who inform him that they will be checking the goods very carefully, and he drops some hints about the porters being unreliable. He also sees the Hell Hound a bunch of people have mentioned, but doesn’t know what it is.



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