Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Everyone is Wanted!

Session: The Sixteenth!

Day 12

  • Ended at 8pm IGT


  • A rather sizable ruby (Zell)

Kriv, Lux, and Gunn supervise the last treasure shipment to Foxtraveller’s shop, which goes smoothly. Gunn recommends an inn located just inside the North Gate of the city called The Howling Spider, and the adventurers spend the night there.

In the morning, Gunn and Lux eat breakfast while Kriv grabs a drink and heads to a blacksmith. He buys an armor maintenance kit and then heads back to the inn. The three adventurers head up to Kriv and Gunn’s room to plan their next move in privacy. As they finish up, music can be heard coming from downstairs. They go to investigate, and find an epic bard-off between the bard that Gunn had spoken to the previous day, and Ferris, a familiar face to Kriv and Lux. Lux and Gunn stay at the back to watch the show, while Kriv starts to push his way through the very crowded room to reach Ferris. A few steps in, Kriv is snared by the enthralling spell woven by the battling bards and he stops to enjoy the show.

Ferris is declared the winner and the bardic spell is broken. Kriv shoves the audience aside to reach the stage and confront Ferris, creating a bar fight in his wake. Lux tries to get ahead of Kriv, but is slowed by the crowd. Kriv intimidates Ferris and grabs him, dragging him back through the bar fight toward Gunn and the stairs to his room. Lux catches up with Kriv and takes a punch in the face from a member of the crowd. A chair flies past Gunn’s head as he waits at the back. Kriv and Lux reach Gunn and Kriv hands Ferris off to Lux, then turns and starts carrying people out of the inn and away from the fight. Lux and Gunn take Ferris up to their room. Three members of the city guard enter the inn and break up the fight, arresting anyone who resists. Kriv stands aside until they leave, then heads upstairs to join his companions.

The adventurers demand Ferris tell them where the treasure is that he had taken from the cultist cart. Ferris says he has hidden it in his room at an inn called The Lonely Jester and Kriv demands that he take him there. Lux and Gunn wait for their return.

A shady figure approaches Zell, an Elvish spy, sitting at his table in The Lonely Jester. The figure hands him a contract to track Kriv and Lux and report on their movements every two days at the Lonely Jester. The contract contains a threat if Zell does not follow through. Zell is uncertain, but is then offered a rather sizable ruby as an advance and takes the job. The figure leaves and Zell contemplates his contract for a while, then goes outside for a walk.

Kriv and Ferris arrive at The Lonely Jester and Ferris hands over a pouch containing 500 GP, which he says is all that he took from the cart. Kriv punches him as payback for being charmed, then leaves the inn. As Kriv heads out, Zell returns and recognizes Kriv from his contract’s description. Zell follows Kriv back to The Howling Spider and waits across the street. A city guard on patrol tells Zell to stop loitering twice, forcing Zell to find a new hiding spot. He enters an alley between two houses and tries to scale the wall but is not successful and falls down, making a slight noise.

Kriv returns to his room and the three adventurers make plans to return the missing treasure to Foxtraveler, paying the inkeepers for six more nights in advance before leaving the inn. Lux hears the noise of Zell’s fall and is suspicious, scanning the area for anyone out of place. She sees Zell’s hooded figure and alerts the rest of the party. They walk a little while, then duck into an alley to change their appearances. Zell patiently waits out of view from the entrance to the alley. Tired of waiting, Gunn disguises himself as a porter and heads toward the dockyard alone. Kriv and Lux also disguise themselves as porters and head toward the docks a few minutes later. Zell does not recognize the disguised adventurers, but finds the alley empty and decides to follow the newly-disguised Kriv and Kux.

Lux once again catches sight of Zell and they flank him and ask why he is following them. Zell tries to run and Luz ensnares him with vines. Kriv searches Zell and finds his thieves’ tools, then threatens to call the city guard on him. Zell realizes they have seen through his lies that he was not following them, and tells them the truth, showing them his contract. Lux and Kriv realize that it is the Dragon Cultists who have hired Zell and they debate what to do, finally deciding to tie Zell up and alert a guard. Kriv speaks to a City Guard, who commands Kriv to bring him to Zell. Lux goes on ahead to the dockyard. Kriv and Zell accuse each other, and the guard is unsure who is right. He decides to take them both in and let the law decide who is right. Kriv does not want to waste the time and drops his charges. The guard sets Zell free and leaves. Kriv heads to the dockyard and Zell returns to the Lonely Jester to further contemplate his situation.

On his way to the docks, Gunn is stabbed in the back. He retaliates and puts his attacker to sleep. He searches her and discovers she is wearing the tabard of the city guard and has a wanted poster with Gunn’s merchant disguise pictured on it. Gunn changes his appearance into a blue dragonborn, wakes his attacker up, and berates her for attacking an innocent porter, then leaves her in the street. He changes his disguise again into a female porter and continues to the docks. Gunn meets Lux and then Kriv as they arrive at the dockyard. They discuss strategy and decide to leave the city through the South Gate and travel over the mountain to the North side of the city, deeming it too dangerous to remain in the city until the next shipment of treasure comes in. Gunn tries to drop off the missing treasure to a porter to be delivered to Foxtraveller but the porter runs away. He then tries to drop it off with the dockmaster, who also refuses. Gunn drops the bag of treasure at the dockmaster’s feet and the three adventurers leave the city through the South Gate.



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