Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Get On With It

Session: The Nineteenth!

Day 18-19 (Travel 1)

  • Ended at 10pm IGT


  • Promises of payment

The adventurers watch Foxtraveller in the afternoon of the day the shipment is scheduled to arrive. A line of porters deliver a large shipment of crates to the outfitter’s. They are accompanied by a “merchant” in blue robes and six guards. Kriv and Lux recognize the merchant as a cultist. Not much is said. Foxtraveller pays the merchant a good-sized pouch and the merchant leaves with his guards and the porters. The crates get put in the back room, where the contents are carefully counted.

In the evening, the party sees a merchant wearing nondescript green clothes and accompanied by six guards enter Foxtraveller’s yard. The adventurers notice the five headed dragon sigil in green on the merchant’s clothes and figure out that he is with the dragon cult. By listening to the “merchant” and Foxtraveller, they discover that he is Tirigan, the leader of the caravan taking the cultist crates North.

Tirigan purchases five wagons and hires two of Foxtraveller’s thugs. he is angry and says he needs more guards but Foxtraveller refuses to give him more, telling him to hire his own.
Foxtraveller asks about the rumors of trouble the blue cultists have been having with some local heroes.

The stories say there is a giant clad in bronze armor who threw a giant spear and slew a blue dragon. His lover is a fierce werewolf with eyes that glow blue and eats kobolds for breakfast. The Shadow also accompanies them, an entity of darkness that kills you before you see it coming. They say the trio destroyed the blue dragon cultist’s camp, the giant crushing Cyanwrath with his bare hands and the werewolf devoured Mondath whole. Then the Giant and his mate set out on a crusade to the Well of Dragons to kill them all, while the Shadow disappeared and has not been heard of. Until it kills you and it’s too late.

Tirigan scoffs at the stories and says he doesn’t know anything about them. The Blue cultists were always incompetent. That’s why it’s the Green’s job to accompany the treasure on the dangerous journey ahead. Ghost stories for children will not interfere with Rezmir’s orders.

Kriv and Gunn follow Tirigan to a tavern where he is drinking and looking for more guards to hire. They easily impress him and Gunn is hired as the commander of the guards while Kriv is hired as Tirigan’s personal bodyguard.

Lux and Zell observe people gathering in Foxtraveller’s yard. They are attracted by the prospect of travelling in a larger caravan and make plans to travel with the cultist “merchants” the following morning. Zell manages to get hired as a guard for an ale merchant and Lux is hired to guard a poor hafling refugee family.

The Green Woodsman purchased Lux and Kriv’s horses from the stable, along with two more horses for Gunn and Zell. He gives them to the adventurers and makes plans to keep in touch.

The next morning the caravan leaves Baldur’s Gate and heads out on the Trade Way heading North. Gunn loses some money gambling with the other guards, and begins to build trust with them. Kriv chats with Tirigan and finds out that he keeps a lockbox under his wagon seat. Zell enjoys the company and free drinks of his employer. Lux enjoys the Halfling family’s delicious home-cooked meals and gets harassed by Bubbleshine Glimmerwater, a Gnome jewellery merchant with a habit of telling tragic love stories. Bubbleshine likes Lux’s tiger-tooth necklace and pesters her to buy it.

The caravan makes camp for the night and sets up a watch.



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